Iran uses Star of David to mark missile targets

Satellite images revealed Iran uses a Star of David to mark its targets when testing its advanced Qiam 1 ballistic missiles. In response to this revelation, Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon complained to the world body’s Security Council that “The missile test not only violates the UN Security Council’s resolutions, it once more proves beyond any doubt Iran’s true intentions to harm Israel.”

The Israeli ambassador called on the Security Council to take immediate actions against the Iranian threat, while pointing to Tehran’s ongoing conduct, which the Israeli diplomat said, contributes to the raging instability in the Middle East, including its support to the regime of President Bashar Assad, who is slaughtering hundreds of thousands of civilians in Syria, the funding of the internationally recognized terror group Hezbollah, which threatens Israeli citizens on a regular basis, and “supports terrorists and tyrants across the Middle East and around the world.”

The Iranian-made Qiam 1 ballistic missile is considered to be a “radar-evading missile” that can be launched from a variety of launching pads with a relatively short time required to fire. The missile, which was made operational in 2011, has according to Iran’s Defense Ministry “new technical specifications and exceptional tactical powers,” that can hit different targets in different distances, according to its mission plan