Israel allegedly strikes Syrian military scientific research center on outskirts of Damascus

A Syrian military scientific research center was attacked last night on the outskirts of Damascus, in what Syrian authorities claimed, Israel was responsible for. Reports alleged that unidentified aircrafts reportedly fired six times toward the military facility, during which Syria’s aerial defense systems managed to intercept only three of the missiles. The Syrian observatory for Human Rights, which monitors the war in Syria, reported “violent explosions” shaking the Damascus area, which the organization attributed to an alleged Israeli attack. This was the second strike in Syria attributed to Israel in recent days. On Friday night, Arab media reported Israel had attacked an Iranian military base in the al-Kiswah area, which is located south of Damascus. TV7 was not able to immediately confirm Israel’s involvement in the strike on the research facility, as the IDF refused to comment on operational proceedings. That said, sources told TV7 that the methods reportedly used in last night’s attack did not have Israeli characteristics, while one source disputed that claim, revealing that the missiles fired at the Syrian military scientific research center were actually high-precision surface to surface missiles, which clearly attribute the attack to Israel.