President Trump to decide on implementing new sanctions against Iran

U.S. President Donald Trump will decide today on whether to waive sanctions on Iran, as part of his decision to decertify the agreement reached in 2015, called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, that provided the Islamic Republic with international sanctions relief in exchange for limiting Tehran’s nuclear program to thwart its alleged efforts to attain nuclear-weapon capabilities. Ahead of the Presidential decision, U.S. Secretary of Treasury Steve Mnuchin stressed that President Trump was very clear about the necessity to amend the international agreement with Iran, a revision that Washington asserts “must include international scrutiny on other systematic violations by the Islamic Republic, including its ballistic missiles program that manufactures missiles with the capability of carrying nuclear payloads.” That is why, Mnuchin noted, he expects new sanctions on Iran to be implemented. Secretary Mnuchin said, “I am expecting new sanctions on Iran, we continue to look at them, we’ve rolled them out, and I think you can expect there will be more sanctions coming.” “I think the President’s been very clear, okay, that many aspects of the Iran deal need to be changed, that there are many activities outside of the Iran deal, whether it be ballistic missiles, whether it be other issues, that we will continue to sanction that are outside the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action), human rights violations. We couldn’t be more focused. We have we have as many sanctions on Iran today, as we have on any other country in the process, and we’ll continue to look at things,” the US top treasurer asserted. A senior White House official told TV7 that contrary to reports, President Trump will extend sanctions relief granted to Iran under the nuclear agreement, which would effectively leave the nuclear deal intact for the time being. Nevertheless, Trump is expected to demand the United States Congress and Washington’s European allies with deadlines for improving the international deal, which would provide the international community with a clear time table to re-negotiate a more sustainable agreement.