Israel to step-up intensity vis-à-vis terror from Gaza

In response to the growing Israeli frustration, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to step up the intensity vis-à-vis the acts of terror emanating from the Palestinian enclave, yet stopped short from going into details. “I do not intend to go into detail about what we are planning vis-à-vis Gaza. The intensity will be stepped up … Read more

Hamas manipulates acts of terror to suit its own purposes

Tensions are running high on Israel’s border with the Hamas-run Gaza Strip, for fear that the volatile situation will once again spark into an all-out conflagration. A day after Palestinian Islamists launched some 45 rockets and mortar shells toward Israel’s southern communities, the IDF has reportedly deployed additional Iron Dome batteries to protect Israel’s communities. … Read more

Europe to face increase of terror, if Iran entrenches in Syria

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned of Iran’s goals in Syria, aspirations that could spark an exodus of millions of refugees to Europe, and elsewhere, that would cause an endless upheaval of terrorism in many countries. At a conference of the international public security ministers’ forum in Jerusalem, that focuses on “the fight against terrorism,” Netanyahu … Read more

Palestinian assailant killed after attempting to ram his vehicle into IDF troops

A 35-year-old Palestinian man was shot and killed after attempting to ram his vehicle into IDF soldiers that were stationed at a checkpoint leading to the cave-of-the-patriarchs, in the antient city. The IDF released a statement in which it said, “a terrorist attempted to run IDF troops with his vehicle. In response, the troops opened … Read more

EU condemns Hamas for acts of terror

The European Parliament adopted a resolution in which it condemned the Islamist Hamas organization, which controls the Gaza Strip, calling on the Palestinian group to immediately release Israeli citizens and the bodies of IDF soldiers held by the organization. The resolution also emphasizes that Hamas is a terror organization who transformed Gaza into an enclave … Read more

Israel commemorates 23,646 fallen soldiers and civilian terror victims

Israel marked its Memorial Day, today, commemorating the memory of the country’s 23,646 fallen soldiers and civilian victims of terror, since the inception of the Jewish state, 70 years ago. Memorial ceremonies were held yesterday evening, and throughout today, while some 1.5 million people have reportedly visited the country’s 52 military cemeteries. During remarks at … Read more

IDF locates and destroys ‘terror tunnel’ from Gaza into Israeli territory

The IDF announced that over the weekend it had effectively destroyed a “long and high-quality” tunnel that penetrated Israeli territory. The tunnel, which ran westward from the Gaza Strip’s Jabalya neighborhood, which is located in the northern part of the enclave, in the direction of the southern Israeli Kibbutz of ‘Kfar Azza’, was said to … Read more

Israeli intelligence officials warn of “large scale terror attacks across the West Bank”

Israeli defense officials have voiced concern about a spike in intelligence this past month regarding “planned, large-scale terror attacks across the West Bank.” The intelligence pertains to organized attacks that are directed by Palestinian militant organizations, mainly the Islamist Hamas, which has been actively aspiring to set attacks in motion with orders from the Gaza … Read more

Turkey neutralizes more than 3,400 terrorists in Syria operation

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that there has been significant progress in his country’s operation to oust Kurdish militias from Turkey’s border region, noting that more than 3,400 of whom he classified as “terrorists” have been neutralized. With regard to allegations against his country’s military of allegedly targeting civilians intentionally, the Turkish President emphasized that … Read more