The program offers the viewer deeper understanding about current events in Israel. The topics vary from domestic and foreign policy to social changes, archaelogy and religion.
The program is hosted by TV7 Israel News anchor Jonathan Hessen.


  • 29 min

    Latest developments in Syria - Jerusalem Studio 342

    The latest advances by Assad's forces raise the question on whether the seven-year civil war in Syria is nears its end. To further discuss this topic - I'm join here in the studio by; 1. Dr. Eran Lerman – Vice President of the Jerusalem Institute for strategic studies and a lecturer at Shalem College 2.…
    21.06.2018 3331 views
  • 28 min

    Turkey elections - Jerusalem Studio 341

    Turkey will hold its presidential and parliamentary elections on Sunday the 24th – in what arguably is the most important election in Turkey's modern history. To discuss the campaign, the main contenders and analyze the viable implications of the elections outcome, I'm join here in the studio by; 1. Miss Paula Slier, Middle East Bureau…
    21.06.2018 3327 views
  • 28 min

    Israel-Gaza: Ongoing challenges amid international condemnations - Jerusalem Studio 340

    Amid international condemnations of Israel's defensive measures vis-a-vis the violent riots along the Gaza Strip's border-fence, Jerusalem is seeking ways to alleviate an apparent humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip. Israel's top defense officials have warned of Gaza's deteriorating economic situation – emphasizing "the prevention of a humanitarian catastrophe was unquestionably in Israel's interest." To…
    15.06.2018 2077 views
  • 28 min

    Iran's nuclear aspirations - Jerusalem Studio 339

    China, Russia, France, Britain and Germany continue to pursue ways of preserving the Iran nuclear agreement, voice their frustration at President Donald Trump's decision to immediately withdraw the United States from commitments made by his predecessor, Barack Obama; in which President Trump decreed Washington's vote in favor of U.N. Security Council resolution 2231 that endorsed…
    15.06.2018 2490 views
  • 28 min

    Israel’s preparedness for a war with Iran - Jerusalem Studio 336

    Amid growing friction between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Israel in Syria that has escalated into a direct confrontation between the two regional powers, during today’s program we will try to analyze the prospects of moving from a war of words to a real clash between the inheritors of the mantle of the two…
    01.06.2018 19885 views
  • 28 min

    Regional attempts for a long lasting Israel-Gaza cease-fire -Jerusalem Studio 335

    The cycle of violence between the Gaza strip and Israel continues to persist as a peaceful solution to the volatile situation seems completely detached from reality, that said reports of a regional attempt to bring about a long-lasting cease fire between the Islamist organizations in Gaza and Israel have surfaced in recent weeks. To further…
    01.06.2018 1214 views
  • 28 min

    EU’s ongoing attempts to preserve the JCPOA - Jerusalem Studio 334

    The European Union announced its reluctance to scrap the nuclear agreement with Iran, vowing to take all steps necessary to assure it remains in-tact – follow Washington's decision to pull out of the deal and reimpose international sanctions. To discuss the Europe's adamant efforts to preserve the multinational deal with Iran, I'm join here in…
    23.05.2018 1009 views
  • 28 min

    Turkey-Israel diplomatic row - Jerusalem Studio 333

    The violent events along the Gaza Strip's border with Israel has garnered an international condemnation of the Jewish State, urging its military to exercise restraint in the face of violent Palestinian protests. Among the international critics of Israel, Turkey has assumed the most vocal rhetoric against Jerusalem, comparing Israel's defensive measures to those of Nazi…
    23.05.2018 2965 views
  • 28 min

    U.S. withdrawal from the JCPOA - Jerusalem Studio 332

    A little over a week ago, on the 8th of May, U.S. President Donald Trump announced his decision to pull the United States out of the multinational nuclear agreement with Iran. To discuss the latest developments, following the American move, I'm join here in the studio by; 1. Dr. Elisheva Machlis, Lecturer on Middle Eastern…
    23.05.2018 925 views
  • 28 min

    Latest developments on the Israeli-Palestinian flareup - Jerusalem Studio 331

    On the 30th of March, Palestinian activists in Gaza announced a six-week campaign that sought to compose protests near the enclave's border with Israel. The series of protests were meant to culminate with a "Great March of Return" of some one million Palestinians on the 15th of May, during the commemoration of the 'Nakba Day',…
    18.05.2018 2805 views
  • 29 min

    Israel's international standing (relocation of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem)- Jerusalem Studio 330

    The United States has officially relocated its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The highly anticipated move has signified Washington's recognition of the city, as the capital of the Jewish state, a move resented among many across the international community. To discuss Israel's international standing, following the American move, I'm join here in the studio…
    11.05.2018 1666 views
  • 28 min

    Israel gears up for upcoming security Challenges - Jerusalem Studio 328

    This year, the month of May, presents challenges to regional stability, in general, and poses dangers to Israel's security, in particular. To discuss the list of challenges, I'm join here in the studio by; 1. Mr. Owen Alterman, Senior international Affairs Correspondent, i24NEWS 2. Mr. Elhanan Miller Researcher, The Forum for Regional Thinking 3. Dr.…
    04.05.2018 2648 views
  • 28 min

    The EU's perseverance in the JCPOA - Jerusalem Studio 327

    By the end of next week, U.S. President Donald Trump will have to decide, on whether to pull the United States out of the 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran. The preservation of the multinational deal is subject to an attempt by Washington's European partners to formulate satisfactory amendments – that would reassure the American leader…
    04.05.2018 2397 views
  • 28 min

    Turkey amid regional developments - Jerusalem Studio 325

    After winning a referendum to change Turkey's constitution and create an executive presidency, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has brought his country's presidential and parliamentary poll forward by more than a year, to the 24th of June. The reason for the move stems from the fact that the new executive powers held by Turkey's President…
    02.05.2018 4898 views
  • 29 min

    Israel vs Iran, threats and actions - Jerusalem Studio 325

    Since the two confrontations between Israel and Iran, including the infiltration of an Iranian drone into Israel and an Israeli strike on a Syrian air-base that housed Iranian military personnel; threats voiced by Jerusalem and Tehran of a possible escalation have elevated tensions between the two enemy-states. To further discuss related developments, I'm join here…
    27.04.2018 6053 views
  • 29 min

    The U.S. Vs Russia, on a course of collision? - Jerusalem Studio 324

    Rhetoric from Washington and Moscow has intensified over the Western response to Assad's alleged use of chemical weapons; with the most hostile warnings of possible direct confrontation between the two superpowers, endangers a regional conflict from possibly turning global. To further discuss the tensions between Russia and the United States over Syria, I'm join here…
    18.04.2018 1256 views
  • 29 min

    Syria on the brink of calamity - Jerusalem Studio 323

    The ongoing conflict in Syria continues to top the world media's headlines, with major developments across the war-torn country. To further discuss those developments, I'm join here in the studio by; 1. Dr. Eran Lerman – Vice President of the Jerusalem Institute for strategic studies and a lecturer at Shalem College 2. Dr. Nir Boms…
    18.04.2018 2281 views
  • 28 min

    The Muslim world versus the west - Jerusalem Studio 322

    With both interests and concerns parallel to Western outlook toward the Muslim World, the rapid changes across regions where Muslim states are situated, including the contradictory views on norms and values, is viewed as being translated into confrontational relationships. To further discuss this topic, I'm join here in the studio by; 1. Miss Paula Slier,…
    18.04.2018 1762 views
  • 28 min

    Is Israel an apartheid state? - Jerusalem Studio 321

    Israel's critics across the international community have time-and-again condemned it as an Apartheid state, claiming an analogy to the south African regime, which set its policies on racial separation. During today's program we will challenge this analogy, and to do I'm joined here in the studio by; 1. Dr. Hillel Frisch, Prof. Hillel Frisch, Senior…
    11.04.2018 833 views
  • 28 min

    Egypt: al-Sisi’s second term in office - Jerusalem Studio 319

    After running virtually unchallenged, Egypt's incumbent President Abdel Fattah al Sisi has won a second term in office, to lead a country where unrest since 2011 has devastated its economy. To discuss President Sisi's expected challenges during his second term in office, I'm joined here in the studio by; 1. Dr. Michael Barak - Senior…
    11.04.2018 639 views
  • 28 min

    The reality of a two-state solution - Jerusalem Studio 320

    An agreement to the decades old Israeli-Palestinian conflict has long been sought-after, with an acceptance of a 'two-states' solution perceived as the only answer to the national aspirations of both for peoples. Nevertheless, with a changing reality on the ground and many rounds of failed attempts to reach an aspired deal, a question arrives with…
    11.04.2018 979 views
  • 28 min

    Lebanon's political future - Jerusalem Studio 318

    Lebanon is facing yet another significant event in its turbulent political history, with parliamentary elections one month away. Both domestic and external forces actively seek to influence results in their favor. To further discuss Lebanon's challenging future, I'm joined here in the studio by; 1. Lt. Col. Res. Reuven Ben Shalom - Cross-cultural analyst and…
    29.03.2018 1678 views
  • 28 min

    Saudi challenges amid regional rivalries - Jerusalem Studio 317

    Saudi Arabia, hailed as the most powerful Arab country today, has undergone major political and economic reform, aspiring to diversify its markets while bolstering its military capabilities. Nevertheless, the rivalry with the Islamic Republic of Iran has exerted a heavy price from the monarchy, forcing it into unwanted military adventures across the chaotic region. To…
    11.04.2018 1207 views
  • 29 min

    Israel’s readiness for possible conflict - Jerusalem Studio 316

    As the conflict stricken Middle East continues to rumble, with threats rapidly drawing nearer, Israel does not stand idly by for the fragile stability to shatter, as it continues to prepare itself for any scenario possible. To discuss Israel's preparedness amid growing threats, I'm joined here in the studio by; 1. Mr. Yiftah Shapir, Senior…
    23.03.2018 7826 views
  • 28 min

    Turkey’s challenges in Syria - Jerusalem Studio 315

    Turkey's military operation in Syria, aimed at eradicating Kurdish militias that Ankara views as threats to its national security, will continue and even expend into additional areas under Kurdish control. During today's program we will look into the latest developments on the Turkish-Syrian front and will assess the challenges Ankara is expected to face in…
    11.04.2018 2863 views
  • 28 min

    Israel and Lebanon, land and maritime border disputes - Jerusalem Studio 314

    Tensions between Beirut and Jerusalem surrounding efforts by the Islamic Republic of Iran to bolster its Lebanese-proxy Hezbollah, a dispute over Lebanese offshore energy explorations, as well as a defensive border wall under construction by Israel along the 'frontier demarcation' – have raised yet again the prospects of an armed confrontation between the two enemy…
    16.03.2018 1708 views
  • 29 min

    Western international interests in the Middle East - Jerusalem Studio 313

    During today's program we will discuss the various Western interests across the Middle East and whether those interests have direct or indirect implications on security and diplomatic challenges; To do so, I'm joined here in the studio by; 1. Prof. Zeev Hanin, Expert on Russian and Middle Eastern Studies, Bar Ilan and Ariel Universities 2.…
    16.03.2018 1182 views
  • 28 min

    The significance of the U.S. embassy relocating to Jerusalem - Jerusalem Studio 312

    Since Washington's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and an anticipated relocation of the United States embassy to the city, several countries have voiced their willingness to follow in Trump's footsteps – while a vast majority of the international community has voiced its opposition. During today's program we will discuss the significance behind…
    14.03.2018 2269 views
  • 28 min

    Israel's greatest concerns in Syria - Jerusalem Studio 311

    The years long conflict raging across Israel's northern neighbour Syria, Iran's increased influence and apparent efforts to establish a frontline foothold through its local proxies, as well as Russia's deployment of highly-advanced weaponry to assure the survival of the Assad regime: are just a part of a growing list of concerns voiced by Jerusalem that…
    09.03.2018 4922 views
  • 28 min

    Egypt's Presidential elections - Jerusalem Studio 310

    Between the 26th and 28th of March, Egypt will hold the first round of its Presidential elections, with incumbent President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi expected to win a land slide victory – with most rivals either in jail or publicly boycotting the vote. During today's program we will discuss the latest developments and the challenges Egypt…
    23.02.2018 370 views
  • 28 min

    Jerusalem and the Arab world - Jerusalem Studio 309

    Since U.S. President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on December 6th, Arab states have unified in condemning Washington's move, urging the American Administration to backtrack on its decision. During today's program we will discuss the Arab position on Jerusalem and the implications of the American move. To do so, I'm…
    03.03.2018 991 views
  • 28 min

    Jerusalem and the Arab world - Jerusalem Studio 309

    Since U.S. President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on December 6th, Arab states have unified in condemning Washington's move, urging the American Administration to backtrack on its decision. During today's program we will discuss the Arab position on Jerusalem and the implications of the American move. To do so, I'm…
    23.02.2018 991 views
  • 28 min

    The position of the US led coalitions against the Islamic State - Jerusalem Studio 308

    US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson stated, during a Middle East tour last week, that the end of major commit operations against the Islamic State does not mean that the US led coalition has achieved an enduring defeat of the extreme Muslim group. To discuss the latest developments and the US led coalition’s position against…
    28.02.2018 871 views
  • 29 min

    Turkey and the Kurdish militias in Syria - Jerusalem Studio 307

    Turkey has launched a largescale military operation last month dubbed operation olive branch in which it vowed to eradicate the Kurdish Syrian militias south of its border that Ankara claimed have direct links to the outlawed Kurdistan workers party, PKK. To further discuss the latest development I am joined in the studio by: Guests: 1.…
    24.02.2018 2643 views
  • 28 min

    Iraq between the US and Iran - Jerusalem Studio ep.306

    During a rally in the Iranian capital, Tehran, which marked the anniversary of Iran's 1979 Islamic Revolution, President Hassan Rouhani declared Washington's aspiration to interfere in state matters has failed miserably – while calming that aspirations by the United States and Israel to create division across the region, including in Iraq, were nullified. Today, we…
    21.02.2018 820 views
  • 28 min

    Is Israel heading to war with Iran - Jerusalem Studio ep.305

    Israel and Iran have been at odds since the Islamic Revolution of 1979 – a revolution that turned a years-long friendly relationship into vocal animosity. To discuss the latest developments and whether we are heading to a wider-conflict between Jerusalem and Tehran following the violent events of last weekend, I'm join here in the studio…
    13.02.2018 19963 views
  • 29 min

    International success and failures in Syria - Jerusalem Studio 304

    With both U.N.-backed talks in Geneva, and Russian-brokered talks in the resort city of Sochi concluding with no apparent progress for the Syria conflict, the dire-reality in the war-torn-country continues on a course of bloodshed and humanitarian tragedies – with no international body able to bring the warring sides on course of a tangible political…
    08.02.2018 805 views
  • 29 min

    Israel’s possible flare-up with its northern enemies - Jerusalem Studio 303

    Israeli officials have voiced growing concerns regarding Iranian attempts to construct factories on Lebanon's soil, for the production of precision-guided weapons. The Iranian attempt has led to growing rhetoric from both Israeli and Lebanese officials, indicating a growing danger of a possible flare-up. To further discuss the current situation, I'm join here in the studio…
    08.02.2018 3947 views
  • 28 min

    Saudi Arabia’s influence in the region - Jerusalem Studio ep.302

    Saudi Arabia continues to undergo one of the most intensive and exciting periods in its recent history, with domestic reforms and foreign policy ambitions. To discuss the latest developments, I'm join here in the studio by; 1. Dr. Nir Boms – Research fellow, Moshe Dayan center at Tel Aviv University 2. Miss Paula Slier, Middle…
    02.02.2018 713 views
  • 29 min

    Egypt's role in the Middle East - Jerusalem Studio ep.301

    Ahead of Egypt's presidential elections, scheduled for the last week of March, President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi is seeking to bolster his domestic support, following his first term that was defined by both economic hardships and a military campaign against radical Islamic elements seeking to overthrow his regime. To further discuss Egypt's current state of affairs,…
    03.02.2018 499 views
  • 29 min

    One year into Trump’s presidency - Jerusalem Studio ep.300

    On January 20th of last year, Donald Trump was sworn into office as the 45th President of the United States. During today's program we will evaluate his first year in office with regard to his decision-making vis a vis the Middle East in general, and Israel in particular. To do so, I'm join here in…
    31.01.2018 420 views
  • 28 min

    Jerusalem Studio 299 - The Israeli-Palestinian conflict 2018

    Since President Donald Trump announced on December 6th a decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, the Palestinian leadership had deemed Washington as an untrustworthy mediator – a move that has challenged an American bid to broker a long stalled political process to the decades old conflict. To discuss the current affairs pertaining to the…
    26.01.2018 1745 views
  • 28 min

    Jerusalem Studio 298: Turkey's southern frontier, West verses East

    Turkey is facing a variety of challenges in international diplomacy, as an apparent rapprochement with Russia and Iran is seemingly hampered amid conflicting interests in Syria, as well as its alliance with other member states of NATO, primarily the United States, continue to deteriorate – as Washington decides to pursue a contradicting strategic approach to…
    19.01.2018 576 views
  • 28 min

    Jerusalem Studio 297: The future of the nuclear agreement with Iran

    U.S. President Donald Trump has decided last week to waive sanctions on Iran, asserting he has done so to provide the United States congress and European allies a last chance to amend the flawed agreement. Trump's decision, however, was perceived by the Islamic Republic as a victory in its international effort to preserve the agreement…
    19.01.2018 502 views
  • 29 min

    Jerusalem Studio 296 - The Status of Jerusalem

    The Status of Jerusalem US President Donald Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, hailed by Israeli officials as a recognition of the prevailing reality, has mostly drawn international condemnation – bringing to the forefront a core-pillar of the Israeli-Arab conflict that persists for generations. Guests: 1. Miss Paula Slier, Middle East…
    10.01.2018 1043 views
  • 28 min

    Jerusalem Studio 295 - The Ayatollah regime amid public unrest

    The Ayatollah regime amid public unrest Mass demonstrations broke-out some two weeks ago, across the Islamic Republic of Iran, with thousands of Iranians protesting economic hardships, as well as corruption allegations against senior officials; protests that escalated into political demands for a regime change. Guests: 1. Mr. Meir Javedanfar – Iran lecturer, IDC Herzliya 2.…
    10.01.2018 399 views
  • 29 min

    Jerusalem Studio 294 - 2017 regional recap

    2017 regional recap President Donald Trump assuming his Presidential role, Russia's increasing dominance across the Middle East, an intensified rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran and Assad's imminent victory in Syria - are only some of the events that took place in 2017 that had great influence over the Middle East and Israel. During today's…
    14.12.2017 860 views
  • 29 min

    Jerusalem Studio 293 - Damascus, diplomacy vis a vis war

    Russian President Vladimir Putin's declaration of victory over terrorist elements in Syria and his demanded shift-of-focus to a political-course has been met by the United States with skepticism, as Washington argues that Putin's declaration of a so-called triumph against the Islamic state was premature. Nevertheless, international aspirations to pursue a political process between the Syrian…
    14.12.2017 1252 views
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