A European Court decides to reinstate case on removing Hamas from terror list

The European Court of Justice has issued a decision to reinstate a case on whether to remove the Islamist Hamas organization from the European list of terrorist organizations, sending the case once against to the Preliminary European Court to reconsider it entirely. The decision to reinstate the case comes after seven years of proceedings by a team of lawyers representing Hamas in the European courts. While the decision in-fact keeps Hamas’ aspiration alive, the Islamist group’s lawyers perceive it as a backlash, saying the decision returns their entire case to
“square one.” A European official told TV7 that it is important to clarify that the European Union is fully aware of Hamas’ role in terror-related activities and thus, “none of the Union’s member states intend to remove the organization from the European list” of terror groups “unless Hamas proves to the international community that it changes its ways completely and halts all its declared ambitions to destroy Israel.”