A Palestinian teenager rams his vehicle into Israeli pedestrians

A 17-year-old Palestinian teenager rammed his vehicle into Israeli bystanders in two separate West Bank junctions, before existing his car and stabbing another Israeli man. IDF troops responded by shooting the Palestinian attacker. An Israeli Medical Response team said it evacuated two Israelis who were wounded in the attack, as well as the Palestinian assailant, to a Jerusalem hospital for further treatment. The IDF spokesperson’s unit told TV7 that the Palestinian teenager rammed his vehicle into a 70-year-old Israeli man near the West Bank settlement of Efrat, before heading to the Gush Etzion junction, where he rammed his car into a second Israeli man, after which he existed his vehicle and attempted to stab an army office that was stationed at the scene.

The attack comes after a period of relative quiet, since a wave of Palestinian street attacks plagued the Jewish state in October of 2015. Israel continues to blame the violence on incitement by the Palestinian leadership, an allegation the Palestinian Authority denies, claiming that the Palestinian attackers have acted out of frustration over Israeli occupation and the long-stalled peace process, that keeps the conflict alive.