Bad nuclear deal with Iran causes rapprochement between Israel and Arab World

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that while the 2015 nuclear agreement that was reached between world powers and the Islamic Republic of Iran “was a bad agreement in every respect”; the flawed deal maintained one exceptional value for Jerusalem, as it brought the Jewish State closer to the Arab world. The Prime Minister, who also serves as Israel’s top diplomat, underlined in an address at a toast for the Jewish New Year with Foreign Ministry personnel, that the apparent process of gradual normalization of relations between Israel and the Arab world will ultimately herald “a genuine opening for peace.” The agreement with Iran was a bad agreement in every respect except for one – it brought us closer to the Arab world on a scale that we never knew, and one of our goals is that it continues. I think that another important thing is, of course, the fact that there is a gradual normalization with leading countries in the Arab world. We are in a process of diplomatic flourishing. We are also in a struggle for justice and the truth and I think that we are in a process of gradual normalization which in the end heralds a genuine opening for peace,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.