Czech Republic decides to relocate its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu praised Czech President Miloš Zeman for declaring his country’s planned intention to join the United States in relocating its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The Czech president made the statement in a speech at an event celebrating 70 years of Israeli independence. He concluded his speech with the words “next year in Jerusalem.”

The Czech Foreign Ministry in Prague released a statement after his speech in which it clarified that the Czech Republic would appoint an honorary consul in Jerusalem next month and would open a cultural center in the Israeli capital by the end of the year.

The statement did not mention a time for the relocation of the embassy to Jerusalem and it also said that the Czech Republic fully respected the policy of the European Union, which considered Jerusalem as the future capital of both the State of Israel and the future state of Palestine.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu wrote in response to the Czech President’s statement on his twitter account that he hopes the decision will be implemented quickly. Netanyahu further wrote that he looks forward to welcoming his good friend Miloš Zeman in Israel with the great respect he deserves.