German security forces identify suspect in the Berlin attack as an Pakistani migrant

Police forces continued their investigation during the day at a crash site in central Berlin where a truck rammed into a crowded Christmas market late last night, killing 12 people and injuring 48 others. German Security sources revealed to TV7 that the suspected driver, who was apprehended after the attack, was a 23-year old Muslim migrant from Pakistan, who arrived in Germany in February this year and was known to police for minor offences, including the use of several names. Pictures from the scene showed Christmas decorations protruding from the smashed windscreen of the black truck. In the aftermath, it was resting lopsided on the pavement with a mangled Christmas tree beneath its wheels.

People who were enjoying the Christmas festivities at the time of the incident said they did not feel safe anymore on the streets of the German capital, a reality Berlin police spokesman Winfried Wenzel said should not be the case, even though he admitted that dangerous people were roaming about the city. “There is no reason to be nervous at the moment. Of course, what happened is something worrying in itself, it is very serious, there is no doubt that there are dangerous people in the urban area that might be connected to people who do things like what happened here,” said Wenzel

No organization has yet claimed responsibility for the attack, yet, the incident evokes memories of an attack in the French city of Nice, in July earlier this year, when a Tunisian-born terrorist drove a truck along the beach front, mowing down people who had gathered to watch the fireworks on Bastille Day, killing 86 people. That attack was claimed by Islamic State.