Hezbollah: ‘Israel to face a force it never dealt with before’

The leader of Iran’s Lebanese proxy Hezbollah declared the missile salvo that was shot into Israel last week marked a new phase in the Syrian war and showed Damascus and its allies would not let Israeli attacks in Syria go unanswered. “This missile attack is one of the forms, but not the only, of response to continued Israeli aggression against Syria.” / “You cannot continue, as an Israeli enemy, in exploiting and assaulting Syria and the resistance’s axis in Syria without facing any response or punishment. This is a completely new stage, that this missile attack has established,” Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said.


Israel said the attack from Syrian territory last week, in which 20 missiles were fired toward Israel, was carried out by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and its local proxies. In response, the Israeli Airforce targeted more than 50 Iranian military installations across Syria. While Iran refrained from publicly responding to the Israeli retaliation, it attempted to alleviate a possible escalation through messages relayed to Western leaders. That said, Hezbollah’s leader Nasrallah asserted that Israel will face a force it has never dealt with before.