Hezbollah unlikely to initiate war over “North Shield”

As in the case of every conflict zone, the ones suffering are the civilians. In the Lebanese village of Kila, from where the Hezbollah tunnel network was dug, a resident of the village said that the current situation was not a new reality. Mohammed al-Hadi, a Kfar Kila resident, was quoted saying: “The current situation is not new for us. We are always living in a state of war and alert, in a state of worry and waiting. All we wish for is to live life full of security, safety, peace and coexistence.” / “Maybe here in this region, around Marjayoun, Kfar Kila, Deir Mimas or the villages around, we are in the line of fire. Geography may play a role; maybe if I was living in North Lebanon or Mount Lebanon, I wouldn’t be talking about this. I am talking because of my suffering, from the heart of the life that we are living.” While there was no immediate response from Hezbollah for TV7’s request for comment; a spokesperson for the Iranian-backed militia said in a statement that it “continues to monitor the (Israeli) activities along the border.” Separately, the Lebanese army said that the situation was calm on its side of the border, while the U.N. peacekeepers force, which operates along the Israeli-Lebanese frontier, said that “a tense-clam continues to prevail.”