Iran must be stopped or Israel will face the consequences

Yossi Cohen, the Director of the Mossad intelligence agency, announced that global threats in general, and Iran’s malign activities in particular, have brought about a phenomenon, in which countries are significantly boosting their spy agencies capabilities. In Cohen’s words, “Everywhere we go, we have to take into account the fact that security services are getting stronger. Their immediate vigilance is not necessary for espionage. Rather, among other large countries there is increasing attention to terrorism, partly due to the Iranian experience.” / “We encounter all of these (intelligence) services that are large, taking shape, and getting stronger, each in its own country. (It is) an increasing international phenomenon.” The Mossad Director further revealed that world powers have changed their attitude toward Israel and the Middle East at large, due to the fact that the West clearly differentiates between those it defines as good and bad, a change of policy that took effect since President Donald Trump took office, in January of 2017. According to the Mossad Director, “This (referring to various powers’ handling of Middle East hotspots like Syria), of course, very much affected by the change in approach, at a very high level, since President Trump took office, which, I think, is very pleasant for us, as the State of Israel. First of all, there is a kind of feeling – including in me – that the differentiation being done, between the good guys and the bad guys is being done in a more dichotomous, simpler and clearer way.” Regarding the growing security challenge posed to Israel by Iran, Director Cohen stressed that if the Islamic Republic is allowed to continue its policies, it would ultimately result in the annihilation of the Jewish state. He added that “One of the Americans I met recently asked me ‘what might happen if Iran is defeated? If we overcome Iran? I told him that if we beat Iran I may be jobless, if Iran isn’t beaten I may be homeless.” Because of the existential dangers of the Iranian threat, the Mossad Director underlined his agency’s focus remained “to push Iran out of the Middle East,” including all countries that border with the State of Israel.