Iranian official vows to attack Israel ‘at a time and place of Tehran’s choosing’

Expediency Discernment Council Secretary Mohsen Reza’ee declared Iran’s intension to retaliate against Israel for its alleged attack on the Syrian T-4 airbase on the 9th of April, that claimed the lives of seven Iranian members of the Islamic Republic’s revolutionary guards’ drone division.

Reza’ee underlined at a press conference in Tehran that Iran would respond to Israel at a place and time of its choosing and that it was examining future steps in depth. Rezaee, who is the former commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards, is one of the prominent conservative voices in Iran who ran for election against President Hassan Rouhani. The threat voiced by Reza’ee came two months after he vowed to level Israel to the ground and to assassinate Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu if the Jewish state would dare attack Iran.