Iran’s supreme leader cautions President Rouhani from trusting Europe

The Islamic republic’s Supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, cast doubt on the ability of European countries to save Iran’s 2015 nuclear agreement with the P5+1, which consisted out of the United States – under the Obama Administration – Russia, China, France, Britain plus Germany. Speaking at the cabinet meeting, Khamenei cautioned President Hassan Rouhani not to rely too much on European support, as the Iranian President came under increased pressure at home over his handling of the country’s economy, in the face of international U.S. sanctions. “I have said before and I say again, we should keep our relations with European countries, but you should give up hope on them. We cannot be hopeful on European help in any issue, including the nuclear deal or economic affairs. They would not do anything,” Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei said.


Khamenei further declared that Tehran would not negotiate with American officials to reach a new agreement on its nuclear program, because according to the Iranian Supreme leader, “Washington seeks to boast in bringing Iran back to the negotiating table.” “Some are talking about negotiations (with America), but that is definitely not going to happen. This is meaningless. Those who were at least saving face (in the Obama administration) acted like that. These people are indecent, confrontational, vulgar people. What negotiation? Not the president, not the foreign minister, or anyone in the foreign ministry should talk to the Americans. It’s meaningless,” Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei said.