Islamic Opposition party leader in Sudan urges policy-change toward Israel

The leader of the Islamic opposition party Yousef al-Kuda, spoke about the losses Sudan has suffered over the years for its traditional anti-Israel stance, urging his country to exam its ties with the Jewish state, while emphasizing that there are no religious laws in Islam that prohibit Sudan from making his aspired change. This is not the first that al-Kuda has urged his country to reconsider its policy toward Israel, as he draws a clear connection between the establishment of economic, commercial and diplomatic ties with Israel, on the one hand, to the stability and peace in Sudan, on the other. Al-Kuda’s words made waves, with both rivals and allies criticizing his suggestion, as they, much like other neighboring Muslim countries in the region, perceive Israel as an enemy state that occupies Muslim lands. The Israeli Foreign Ministry was not immediately available for comment.