Israel condemns Swedish newspaper caricature, calling it anti-Semitic

A controversial caricature associating President-elect Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with the Ku Klux Klan that was published by national Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter earlier this week, was condemned by Israel’s ambassador to the Scandinavian country, while several commentators in the country described the caricature as anti-Semitic. The paper’s Editor-in-Chief Peter Wolodarski admitted on his Twitter page that the caricature’s publication was a mistake. He wrote that “the problem with the caricature that was published on the newspaper, is that it is open to other interpretations besides that which was intended. For that reason, it should not have been published even if there is legitimate criticism that can be levelled against Trump and Netanyahu.” That said, Wolodarski, whose own parents are Jews that immigrated to Sweden from Poland, insisted that the caricature is not anti-Semitic and stressed that he was joined in this position by an historian who has studied anti-Semitism and whom Wolodarski consulted to receive his opinion.