Israel receives first shipment of F-35 ‘Adir’ fighter-jets

In a special ceremony attended by Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, among other senior Israeli and US officials, the Jewish state received its first two F-35 ‘Adir’ fighter-jets, which Jerusalem purchased from the Americans, making it the second country in the world to poses the advanced stealth aircrafts after the United States. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who addressed the officials present at the ceremony, thanked the United States for its unwavering support for Israel’s security, while emphasized that the F-35 jets will substantially strengthen Israel’s military capabilities, while warning the enemies of the Jewish state, not to test Jerusalem’s resolve. “The F-35 pilots and the F-35 jets would be able to operate in any environment, near or far. Almost every day I am required to approve missions carried out by Israel’s long arm, and every day myself and all of Israel’s citizens put our trust within you – Israel’s pilots. And today I want to tell the Israeli people that our long arm has now become longer and mightier. And I want to make it clear. Whomever thinks to attack us, will be attacked. Whomever thinks to destroy us, puts himself in risk of inhalation,” Netanyahu said.


The United States’ top defense official, Secretary Ash Carter, emphasized the commitment Washington maintains toward Israel in the midst of regional threats, in which the United States provides Israel with the most advanced military capabilities that are critical to ensure Israel maintains its qualitative military edge. “During my time as Secretary of defense I travelled across this nation from the northern border under the threat from Hezbollah to Nevatim here in the south today and during these visits I’ve seen first-hand some of the threats you face daily from many different directions. That’s one of the many reasons why the United States is committed to providing Israel with the most advanced military capables, critical not only to ensure Israel can defend itself, but also to also to maintain its qualitative military edge,” US Secretary of Defense Ash Carter said.



The IDF spokesperson’s unit released a statement in which it said that the F-35 fighter-jet “is the world’s most advanced stealth aircraft with breakthrough operational capabilities which make it an offensive and defensive asset across multiple platforms and fronts. The statement added that the incorporation of the F-35 jets into “the Israel Air Force is a central component of the long arm operational capabilities of the IDF, enabling action with flexibility in any scenario in order to ensure the continued safety and security of the State of Israel.