Israel resumes oil supply to Gaza, despite ongoing violence

Only one day after the Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman asserted that there was no alternative to a military option for the Gaza Strip, to provide Israel’s southern communities with peace and security; the Defense Minister’s Bureau issued a statement last night announcing that a Qatari-financed supply-of-fuel to the Palestinian enclave would resume today. While the top Israeli defense official declared ten days ago that the supplies of fuel and gas to Gaza would only resume once the violence emanating from the Hamas-ruled territory would come to a complete stop, including the use of incendiary kites and balloons – a relative decrease in violence has motivated the Jewish state to follow through with its promise, “at the recommendation of Israeli security establishment officials.” Nevertheless, the violence emanating from the terror-infested territory did not come to a complete halt. Six fires broke out yesterday in Israel’s southern communities. According to Israel’s Fire Brigade, the blazes sparked by incendiary kites that were flown from the Gaza Strip. Furthermore, sources in Gaza reported that a Palestinian was killed, and seven others were injured, in clashes with IDF troops along the border fence barrier. The IDF spokesperson’s unit told TV7 that in response to a violent demonstration, Israeli troops responded with crowed dispersal means and live fire, in accordance with the rules of engagement dictated by Jerusalem. That said, the IDF could not verify any of the reported casualties on the Palestinian side.