Israeli Arabs plan a terror attack on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount

It has been cleared for publication that in a coordinated operation by Israel’s police and security services, three Israeli Arabs were arrested over the course of the past two months, for allegedly planning a shooting attack on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount. A written statement by Israel’s security services revealed that the suspects, whom were label as “supporters of the Islamic State,” sought to perpetrate a shooting attack on the Temple Mount, similar to the deadly act of terror that took place in July of 2017, in which two Israeli police officers stationed at the entrance to the antient compound were murdered. The statement further revealed that in addition to their planned attack on the Temple Mount, they also aspired to target Christian sites and Churches across Israel. Legal proceedings have begun against the three suspects, from the Israeli Arab town of Um El Fahem, while the Israel Security Services emphasized that they will continue to monitor and assure the security of Israel’s citizens in the face of the dangerous ideology and murderous ambitions of the Islamic State.