Israeli efforts thwart Hezbollah’s attainment of guided missiles

The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon, UNIFIL, confirmed the existence of a cross-border attack tunnel next to the Israeli city of Metulla – dubbing the revelation as “a grave development.” UNIFIL’s command underscored that the force has maintained contact with both sides and that it would pass-on its findings to the authorities in Lebanon. The commander of UNIFIL, Major General Stefano Del Col, toured the area with the Commanding officer of the IDF’s Northern Command, Major General Yoel Strick, who demanded that the Lebanese army and UNIFIL neutralize the tunnel that was dug on the Lebanese side of the border and penetrated the Jewish state.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that ongoing efforts by Hezbollah, and its patron Iran, to acquire thousands of precision guided missiles in Lebanon have failed – thanks to the ongoing efforts of Israel’s defense establishment. During a special ceremony at the President’s residence in Jerusalem, for exemplary Mossad agents, the Prime Minister underscored that the Jewish state will continue to apply all means necessary to safeguard the Israel’s national security interests. In his words, “Up north in the face of Hezbollah, they have two tools. One is tunnels, and we are getting rid of them. The second tool, is the weapon, rockets, you are of course familiar with the statistical (imprecise) weapon, but what they are truly keen on possessing is precision weapons, that allows them to target, this room (for instance) in a radius of 10 meters. This (of course) changes the balance of power radically. According to Hezbollah’s plans, they were already supposed to be equipped with thousands of such (precision) missiles, but right now they only have a few dozen. The reason that they only have a few dozen is, inter alia, sitting here in this room. It is the combination of the Mossad, the IDF and our entire security apparatus. We are preventing them, not hermetically but in a very impressive manner, from attaining these weapons, too.”