Israeli leader warns Hamas of testing Israel’s resolve in protecting its citizens

Following statements made by Israeli defense officials regarding Hamas’ readiness for another violent campaign against the Jewish state and after reports by the Palestinian Islamist group’ restoration of its attack tunnel network from the Palestinian enclave into Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu said that Israel would employ massive force against Hamas if the Islamist organization, which controls the Gaza Strip, attacks the Jewish state through tunnels from the Palestinian enclave.

Netanyahu said that Israel would employ force even more massive than that used in the last Gaza war. He said at a meeting of Israeli ambassadors that Israel’s “defensive and offensive capabilities have been developing swiftly” and he does not recommend that anyone test Israel’s resolve.

In response to the warning by the Israeli leader, Hamas’ military wing spokesman Abu Ubaida said in Gaza city that his organization was not interested in war, but that if Israel does anything stupid, the organization would know how to shake the ground under its feet and surprise it.