In this image made from a video provided by UNTV, Israel's Ambassador Danny Danon, center, and Palestinian envoy Riyad Mansour, not pictured, speak to one another at an United Nations Security Council meeting Monday, April 18, 2016, at United Nations headquarters. (UNTV via AP) MANDATORY CREDIT

Israel’s UN Ambassador Danon accuses the Palestinian leadership of funding families of terrorists with foreign aid money

Israel’s Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon accused the Palestinian Authority of supporting families of Palestinians that committed acts of terror. In a press conference the Israeli diplomat alleged that the families of the Palestinian terrorists received some 7% of the total Palestinian Authority budget, which amounts to some 300 million dollars a year, a significant sum of money that was funded through the generous donations of the international community.

“All together the PA paid more than 300 million Dollars directly supporting terrorists every single year. This equals about 7% of the PA’s budget and it is almost 30% of the aid donated by the international community,” said Danon.

Ambassador Danon announced that Israel has officially submitted a request to the United Nations security council to immediately seize all payments, which the Palestinian leadership eventually designates to the families of terrorists. Danon declared that Israel will lead these efforts until the international community understands that it is absurd to condemn terror on the one hand, while on the other “pay terrorists.”

“So many members of the security council so many UN member states are sending their people’s money to support terrorsts. Today I officially asked the security council to put an end to this outrage we will lead these efforts until the international community understands that it is absurd condemning terror while at the same time supporting terrorists,” criticized Danon.