Jerusalem stabbing attack: Israeli teenager moderately wounded

The wave of violence that plagued the Jewish state since October of last year, with initial near-daily Palestinian stabbing, car ramming and shooting attacks against Israelis but relatively diminished to sporadic attacks, has yet again surfaced – threatening the relative quiet. In what police said was a suspected terror attack, an 18-year-old ultra-orthodox Jew was stabbed several times in his upper body in the Jerusalem neighborhood of A-Tur, located next to Mount of Olives. The victim’s condition was defined as light-to-moderate. He was taken to Hadassah medical center for further treatment. Police said they launched a manhunt after the attacker, who escaped the scene. The initial investigation found that the victim left the cemetery on Mount Olives and walked to the bus area. An Arab walking in his direction attacked him, wrestled him to the ground, stabbed him in the neck and back, apparently with a screwdriver, and escaped.