Nasrallah: The Syria war will end within a year or two at most

The leader of Lebanon’s Shi’ite militia Hezbollah said that the Syrian war, now in its seventh year, will end within one or two years at most. Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of the Iranian-backed militia, stressed that without any surprises or significant changes in the region, the bloody war in Syria – which claimed hundreds of thousands of lives – might even end in the near future. Nasrallah said, “If things continue as they are now without any non-calculated surprises or big changes in the region– even though I think what is happening in the region helps resolving the war in Syria sooner — I think the normal timeline will logically be one or two years… and it might be even way sooner than this,” the Iranian backed militia leader said.


In an interview with Lebanon’s pro-Iranian al-Mayadeen channel, Nasrallah also claimed that Israeli strikes on Hezbollah positions in Syria did not, and will not, prevent supplies of weapons reaching the group in Lebanon – as the organization continues to arm itself for a future confrontation with the Jewish state.


Hezbollah, which joined the war in Syria to assure President Bashar Assad remains in power, is viewed as a key element of Assad’s survival – along with other Iranian-backed militias, Iran’s revolutionary guards and Russia’s air support.