Netanyahu: ‘Israel’s light will always overcome darkness’

Israel celebrated its 70th Independence Day today, with festive celebrations, including a ceremony at the President’s residence in Jerusalem, as well as hundreds of thousands of families across the country enjoying the Israeli tradition of gathering in national parks to barbeque. The festivities commenced last night with the annual state ceremony on Jerusalem’s Mount Herzl, during which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that while there are elements that seek to darken the light that is projected from Zion – referring to the Islamic Republic of Iran; their aspiration will never materialize, because Israel’s light will always overcome their darkness. “Citizens of Israel, even today there are those who seek to turn out the menorah’s light, turn off the light that shines from Zion. I promise you that it will not come to pass. It will not happen because our light will always overcome their darkness,” Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said.


Netanyahu drew an analogy between the bravery of Israel’s first Prime Minister David Ben Gurion, who decided to declare Israel’s independence in the face of many adversaries and challenges, to today’s reality, in which Israel is not wary of struggling against those who seek to exterminate the Jewish state. “Also, today we do not back down from a struggle against those who seek to extinct us, because we understand that to defend ourselves by ourselves is the essence of independence, we are as determined as ever, we are stronger than ever.”/”If we will need to defend ourselves we will meet the challenge and ensure the eternity of Israel,” Netanyahu said.


As part of the Independence Day celebrations, Israel’s Air Force conducted a fly-over air show, which consisted of several types of military aircrafts and helicopters that traveled across the length of the country as a salute to the state and its citizens, and in a show of force to hostile elements across the chaotic region.


While the country’s state of alert on its northern frontier for fear of an Iranian attack remains on the highest level it has been for years, in light of a deadly strike on Syria’s T4 air-base that was ascribed to Israel; an explosive device was discovered aboard a Palestinian truck attempting to pass through the northern West Bank’s Reihan crossing, into Israel. The Defense Ministry released a statement in which it revealed that security inspectors from Israel’s Land Crossings Authority located the device secreted in the roof of the truck, which was also carrying goods intended for Israeli settlements. The statement noted that the device was comprised of several improvised pipe bombs. In response to the incident, Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman commented on the device’s discovery, saying, “The alertness and professionalism of the Land Crossing Authority has led to charge’s discovery and the foiling of a large attack planned for (Israel’s) 70th Independence Day.” Lieberman further vowed that the Israeli security establishment ” shall find the contemptible people who sought to hurt us on our holiday. They will not know day from night until we lay our hands on them.”