Operation “Northern Shield” progresses according to plan

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that “Operation Northern Shield is progressing according to plan, and will continue to proceed until all of its objectives are met.” In remarks he made during Jerusalem’s weekly cabinet meeting, the Israeli leader made mention of a fourth revelation of a subterranean cross-border passage, which was dug by the Iranian Lebanese-proxy, Hezbollah. “This morning the IDF uncovered a fourth Hezbollah tunnel. Our operation to deny Hezbollah the “tunnels weapon” is proceeding according to plan and will continue until all of its goals are achieved,” Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister said.


The IDF spokesperson’s unit released a statement, saying: “IDF troops exposed an additional cross-border attack tunnel that crossed the Blue Line (which is the border demarcation between Lebanon and the Jewish state) from Lebanese territory into Israel.” The Israeli military further underscored that “The attack tunnel is under IDF control and does not pose an imminent threat,” due to the fact that the military placed inside the tunnel “explosive devises” to thwart future use of the underground passage. The IDF concluded its statement by condemning the Lebanese government in Beirut for the cross-border attack tunnel, while stressing that the revelation once-again portrays the blatant breach of Israeli sovereignty and of U.N. Resolution 1701 by the Iranian-proxy, Hezbollah.