Palestinian Leader: Once we get desired territories we will refrain from future demands

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, said the Palestinians were demanding just 22% of the territories he claimed were part of historic Palestine and that once the Palestinians would receive their desired territory, they would refrain from any future demands. Abbas noted that it was incumbent upon Israel to agree to their demand and to immediately halt Israel’s ongoing construction policy on lands the Palestinians want for their future state, under any final status agreement. President Mahmoud Abbas also accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of thwarting any attempt by the international community to restart the long-stalled negotiations, including the proposed peace summits in Moscow and Cairo. The Palestinian leader took the opportunity in Berlin to urge the Israeli Prime Minister to meet, stressing that he was willing to sit with Netanyahu at any time and any place. Israeli officials refused to comment on the matter, citing the importance of maintaining a careful approach, considering the headway made in Washington pertaining to a renewed political process.