Palestinian terrorists entered Israel through gap in Security fence

Israel’s Channel Two reported that the two Palestinian gunmen, whom carried out the terror attack in Tel Aviv last Wednesday (8.6.16), arrived at the Sorona Center in a taxi from the southern Israeli city of Beersheba.

According to released information from Israeli security authorities, the two Palestinians, Mohammed and Khaled Makhamra from the West Bank village of Yatta, reached Beersheba through a ‘gap’ in the security fence separating Israel from the West Bank, near the Jewish settlement of Meitar south of Hebron. The two assailants reportedly obtained two ‘Carl Gustav guns’ through a middle man who Israeli authorities said was arrested by security forces.

The report also noted that the two terrorists first arrived in the Bedouin town of “Shaqib Salam” southeast of Beersheba with the help of a Palestinian man who works inside Israel illegally, after which they then took a taxi to Tel Aviv. Israeli police have detained the taxi-driver who denied during questioning he had any knowledge of their plans to commit terror.