PM Netanyahu: Those who seek to annihilate us place themselves in an existential threat

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel´s cooperation with Arab countries, with which the Jewish state has no diplomatic relations, will continue to ripe. During a memorial ceremony commemorating Israel’s first Prime Minister, the late David Ben Gurion, Netanyahu said he believes the relations with the Arab world will eventually bear fruit in expanding the circle of peace. He said, “Our cooperation with Arab countries generally is an undercover cooperation, but I believe that our relationship with them will continue to ripe and I believe that it will bear fruits towards expanding the circle of peace. Eventually it will happen,“ the Israeli leader said.

Prime Minister Netanyahu took the opportunity to reiterate Israel’s position in which it will use all the tools in its disposal to assure the security of Jewish state, while emphasizing that Jerusalem will not agree to Iran’s ongoing entrenchment in Israel’s northern neighbor Syria, and will continue to act to assure that the Islamic Republic will not attain nuclear weapon capabilities. Netanyahu warned, “Those who seek to harm us we will harm them, those who seek to annihilate us are placing themselves in an existential threat. We declared many times that we will not agree with nuclear weapons in Iran, and we will not agree with the entrenchment of Iranian forces near our borders, especially in the area of Syria,” he said.