PM Netanyahu underscores importance of maintaining qualitative edge

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that Israel was continuously rising within the international community – becoming a force to recon with – as it gradually transforms into a rising global power. During an address the Prime Minister made at a ‘Jewish New Year toast’ with Israel’s local council heads, Netanyahu stressed that the ongoing success of the Jewish State does not emanate from “concessions” made by the international community, but rather from an ongoing resilient persistence on preserving the country’s security interests. “At the eve of the (Jewish) new year, I would actually like to say something about the outgoing year. We celebrated (during the past year) 70 years of independence, and as I noted, the state of Israel has gigantic achievements. We are transforming it into a rising global power. Our international standing continuously strengthens. We accomplish this, not through concessions that threaten us for the purpose of acquiring instant popularity. Rather, to the contrary, through maintaining a resilient and steadfast position on our security interests, which is respected by peoples. I don’t want, however, to portray a fictitious reality. I don’t look at the world around us through pink glasses. We continue to face challenges, boycotts, ongoing attempts to legally attack us within international forums. All of this exists. But I tell you that Israel is rising. It rises and rises,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu also took the opportunity to warn of the crucial demand to preserve the country’s qualitative edge, stressing that ‘the more Israel advances, the more its enemies advance, too.’ “The more we advance, we must recognize, the more our enemies advance, too. We must, all the time, remain at the tip of the arrow, of our capabilities, to assure that we always can assure the survival of our people, to live here in our country in security and continuous advancement. This demands from us to act consistently with determination, against attempts by Iran and its proxies in this region to harm us. The IDF and our security forces, under the directives of my government, are working day and night to assure calm and security on all fronts,” Netanyahu said.