President Rivlin: ‘part of the fires are a result of incitement and arson’

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, during a ceremony commemorating a year since the fifth President of Israel Yitzhak Navon passed away; Rivlin stressed that part of the wildfires that raged across the country last week, were as a result of incitement and deliberate arson. “We know that some of the fires were a result of incitement and purposeful arson. These are acts of terror on every level. The investigation and conclusions will come, and I am sure that through intelligence and responsible efforts we will make sure the fire will not reignite by evil seeking terrorists,” said Rivlin. Out of some 90 wildfires, police believe that between 30 to 40 incidents may have been as a result of arson. Nevertheless, in contrast to allegations voiced by Israeli political leaders, the police investigation has not yet determined whether the arson was as part of nationalistically motivated attacks against the Jewish state.