Russia seeks to establish communications-line between Iran and Israel

The Arabic London-based daily Asharq Al-Awsat reported that Moscow is working behind the scenes to open a line of communication between Jerusalem and Tehran, in what a Russian source was quoted as saying “aims to reduce tensions and prevent friction in Syria.” The senior Russian source, who was quoted by the newspaper on condition of anonymity, claimed the move was made in light of Moscow’s decision to provide the Syrian military with the S-300 missile systems. While no details were provided vis-à-vis the practicality of such a communications channel, the Russian source said the Kremlin could potentially mediate between the sides over the Islamic Republic’s military presence and actions in Syria. It is important to note that TV7 was not able to verify this report. Nevertheless, a senior Israeli intelligence official told TV7 that the Russians have served in many past occasions to convey Jerusalem’s red-lines in Syria to officials in Tehran.