Saudi Arabia demands of Palestinian President to accept anticipated U.S. peace plan

Three days after Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s trip to Saudi Arabia, a Palestinian source revealed to Israeli media that the leaders of the kingdom had instructed the Palestinian leader to adopt a peace formula that US President Donald Trump is expected to present soon. The Palestinian source said that the Saudi leadership warned President Abbas that if he would not accept Washington’s peace plan, he would be expected to resign. The Palestinian source further revealed that President Abbas was called to Riyadh for a meeting with King Salman and with the crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, in which he was told that Washington was expected to present a peace plan to end the decades old conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, on which the President Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, had worked tirelessly. The source assessed, however, that the Palestinian leader might resign due to the pressure being applied to him to accept the plan. Conversely, Palestinian officials told TV7 that the reports on the Saudi demand were untrue, and that the Saudi leadership in Riyad fully backed Mahmoud Abbas as the leader of the Palestinian people.