Iran-Europe make “tentative progress” on nuclear-deal

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad zarif claimed that his country was making “tentative progress” with its European partners vis a vis the nuclear agreement. At a meeting with Iranian ambassadors and businessmen, the Iranian top diplomat suggested, however, that the United States was pushing its own agenda, which raises questions about Europe’s ability to adhere … Read more

Germany calls the U.S.’ withdrawal from Iranian nuclear deal “a cardinal error”

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas announced that the unilateral withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear agreement “remains (in Germany’s eyes, as) a foreign and security policy cardinal error.” Speaking at an event entitled “The Future of Nuclear Order,” Maas warned that Washington’s decision posed “major challenge to multilateralism and the nuclear non-proliferation architecture overall.” “The unilateral … Read more

France to remain committed to nuclear deal with Iran, regardless of U.S. decision

French President Emmanuel Macron called on the United States not to abandon the 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran until a broader international accord is reached that would address all of the concerns voiced by both the U.S. Administration and its European allies. Macron stressed, during a joint meeting of Congress, that while the current multinational … Read more

Iran threatens the U.S. “will regret pulling out of the nuclear deal”

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warned the United States that it will “regret” pulling out of the nuclear deal with the Islamic Republic, threatening President Trump that Tehran’s response would be stronger than he thinks. President Rouhani, who spoke on the occasion of Iran’s National Nuclear Technology Day, further noted that the United States would see … Read more

Iran: “The US is determined to leave the nuclear deal”

Iranian deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi accused “the United States (of being) determined to leave the nuclear deal,” claiming the sacking of U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was made “with that goal in mind.” The allegation by Tehran’s deputy Foreign Minister was further echoed by other Iranian officials, whom accused former CIA director Mike … Read more

London believes JCPOA will survive despite Washington’s decision to decertify the nuclear deal

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, in a special address on the UK’s foreign policy earlier this week, declared London’s belief in which the nuclear agreement between world powers and Iran to curb Tehran’s nuclear program will survive, despite the decision by the United States not to recertify the international deal. He said, “I have absolutely … Read more

President Trump decertifies the Iran nuclear agreement

US President Donald Trump stressed over the weekend that the Islamic Republic of Iran was not living up to the spirit of the nuclear agreement that was reached in 2015 with the aim of curbing Tehran’s nuclear program in exchange for crippling economic sanctions relief. The President said, “Today I am announcing our strategy along … Read more