Israel unveils third discovered cross-border tunnel from Lebanon

A third cross-border attack tunnel, which was dug by the Iranian-backed Hezbollah, was located on the northern Israeli-border with Lebanon – extending from Lebanese territory to an area in the Upper Galilee, not far from Kibbutz Yiftah. The IDF spokesperson’s unit released a statement in which it warned “anyone who enters (the tunnel) from the … Read more

Israeli-Lebanese border seemingly calm despite IDF operation

The Israeli-Lebanese border appeared calm today, a day after Israel announced a wide-scale operation – dubbed: Northern-Shield – to “expose and thwart” cross-border attack tunnels from its northern neighbor, which were dug by the Iranian-backed Hezbollah. During a televised press conference to the nation from Jerusalem, the Israeli military’s spokesman Ronen Manelis provided visual intelligence … Read more

Lebanese PM Hariri calls Hezbollah a “big obstacle” to forming a new government

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri blamed Iran’s Lebanese proxy, Hezbollah, for what he called a “big obstacle” in efforts to form a new government, indicating there could be no solution if it did not back down. Hezbollah, a heavily armed Shi’ite Muslim group backed by the Islamic Republic of Iran, has been demanding that one … Read more