Israel’s military prepared for all-out war

A commission of inquiry that sought to examine the Israeli military´s preparedness for war concluded that while apparent flaws were identified, the IDF is indeed ready for an all-out conflagration. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who also serves as the country’s Defense Minister, attended the meeting together with the country’s top military officials. Among others, the … Read more

Shin Bet arrests Palestinian terrorist responsible for deadly attacks

Israeli security forces have managed to locate and arrest a Palestinian terrorist who, according to the country’s security agency the ‘Shin Bet’, is responsible for two deadly shooting attacks in December, at the West Bank junctions of Givat Assaf and Ofra, in which three Israelis were killed and another was severely wounded. The suspect, Asem … Read more

U.N. condemns Hamas and Fatah for supporting terrorism

The United Nations Security Council held a special meeting last night, during which the world body’s special representative for the Middle East Peace Process, Nikolay Mladenov, provided an elaborate briefing on the latest developments pertaining to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The contents of the briefing focused on the implementation of U.N. Security Council Resolution 2334, covering … Read more

Israel will settle accounts with all terrorists

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared Jerusalem’s resolve to settle accounts with Palestinian assailants responsible for acts of terror against Israelis. After receiving a security briefing on ongoing “counter-terrorism and community defense operations” by the IDF forces in the West Bank, the Prime Minister visited the Givat Asaf junction, where a terrorist attack on December … Read more

Israel issues 650 entry permits for Gazan Christians ahead of Christmas

The Israeli Military’s Civil Administration issued 650 permits for Christian families from the Gaza Strip to visit Israel and the West Bank. According to a military source that informed TV7 on the matter, ‘the issuance of permits were made to assure that the Christian community in Gaza will be able to attend the Christmas celebrations … Read more

Hamas seeks to advance relations with Russia

The head of Hamas’s political bureau is scheduled to visit Moscow next week, after the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs invited the top Hamas leader to hold an official meeting with President Vladimir Putin. While the Kremlin did not specify the reason for the invitation, Hamas said in a statement that “Ismail Haniya is expected … Read more

Whoever attacks Israel will ‘pay with his life’

A large-scale manhunt is ongoing across the West Bank for the perpetrators of yesterday’s deadly terror attack, when a Palestinian terrorist opened fire – from point-blank – toward a group of Israeli soldiers and civilians at a bus-stop; killing two IDF troops and critically wounding another soldier and a female civilian. Following the deadly incident, … Read more

Ofra Junction terror-attack results in infant’s death

Israeli medical authorities announced the death of the infant that was delivered prematurely in an emergency cesarean section earlier this week, after his mother was shot and seriously wounded in the Ofra Junction terror-attack on Sunday. The infant’s extended family were joined by dozens of mourners, who gathered at the funeral, which was held last … Read more

Two deadly terror attacks plague Israel in in less than 24 hours

A series of terror attacks plagued Israel during the day, in which a number of Israeli soldiers and police officers were wounded in two separate incidents. The first incident occurred in the Old City of Jerusalem early this morning, when a 26 years-old Palestinian resident of the West Bank, stabbed and moderately wounded two border-police … Read more

Two West Bank terror attacks reported in four days

The Israeli military has reinforced its forces across the West Bank, in the wake of the shooting attack at the Ofra junction earlier this week. The reinforcements consist of several companies that will, according to an IDF statement, focus on providing roadside security for Israeli civilians in addition to assisting the in the ongoing search … Read more