A participants during the Human Rights Council a special session on the " situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and East Jerusalem ".

The U.N. and human rights organizations accuse Hamas of endangering lives in Gaza

The United Nations and human rights organizations have accused the Islamist Hamas organization of endangering human lives in a decision it made to close the main route between the Gaza Strip and Israel, the Erez crossing. The crossing was closed following the assassination of the Senior Hamas operative Mazen Fuqaha last weekend. After the incident, Hamas set up roadblocks throughout the Gaza Strip, prevented fishermen from going to sea, and prohibited all residents and foreign relief workers from leaving the Palestinian enclave. 

On Monday, it eased the closure slightly and permitted the families of prisoners who are incarcerated in Israel and some patients who are in need of treatment to leave the Gaza Strip. However, men aged 15-45 who are in need of treatment in Israel are still not permitted to leave the Gaza Strip, as Hamas continues its man-hunt after the assassins of Mazen Fuqaha.