U.S.-Israel alliance continues to strengthen

U.S. President Donald Trump announced, during a candle-lighting ceremony for the Jewish holiday of Chanukah, that the United States – under his administration – will always stand with the state of Israel. The American leader further underscored that the United States would continue to protect its ally, especially against the Islamic Republic that has unabatedly, called for the death of both America and Israel and threatens the Jewish state – time and again – with annihilation. According to President Trump, “My administration will always stand with our cherished friend and partner in the state of Israel. We have left the horrible Iran nuclear deal and imposed… It was a horrible horrible deal… should have never been made, and imposed the toughest ever sanctions, we shall sanction Iran. Like I guess few have ever been sanctioned before. We must never allow Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon or a nuclear bomb. We cannot let the world’s leading sponsor of terror, a regime that chants death to America and threatens Israel all of the time with annihilation and constantly screams out death to Israel to possess the deadliest weapon on earth. We will not allow that to happen.” The White House Chanukah celebration came exactly one year after President Donald Trump official announced the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the state of Israel, a decision the U.S. Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman referred to earlier in the day as “the most significant political victory to the state of Israel since its establishment.”