US: Iran-Syria military cooperation agreement, example of Tehran’s malign activities

The United States referred to a signing of an agreement for military cooperation between the Islamic Republic and the Assad regime – as a primary example of Iran’s continued destabilizing activities around the globe. Journalist: The Syrian and Iranian defense ministers just signed a new defense cooperation agreement. How do you view that?

Nauert: Yeah, we saw that, certainly. Iran has continued its destabilizing activities around the globe, and I think would be a primary example of that, Heather Nauert, U.S. State Department Spokeswoman said.


After the signing of the agreement, Iran’s Defense Minister Amir Hatami announced that the “axis of resistance (Referring to Iran, the Assad regime and shi’ite militias backed the Islamic Republic) is prepared and ready to always respond to any attack against Syria.” In response to this threat, a senior Israeli official was quoted by the Ynet News Agency as saying, “The IDF will continue operating with complete determination against Iran’s attempts to entrench in Syria.” The official further underscored that “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has put the fight against Iran’s entrenchment in Syria as a main goal, as he had put the cancelation of the Iran nuclear deal.”