Cyprus thwarts Iran-directed assassinations;Germany outraged by Iranian demand TV7 Israel News 10.04

today’s top stories;
1) Cypriot counter-terror units successfully thwart an Iranian-directed attempt to conduct targeted killings of Israelis in the Mediterranean Island.
2) Germany voices outrage over an Iranian demand of the United States to unfreeze billions of dollars as a prerequisite to restarting nuclear talks.
3) Iran conducts a massive military exercise along the border of Azerbaijan – citing Baku’s relations with Jerusalem as a source of regional instability.
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  • Published: October 04, 2021
  • Duration: 12 min

TV7 Israel News

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    Syrian official allegedly killed by IDF sniper;Blue Flag 2021 amid Iran threat TV7 Israel News 18.10

    Today’s top stories 18.10.21; 1) Damascus accuses Jerusalem after Syrian President Bashar Assad’s adviser on Golan Heights affairs was reportedly assassinated along the Israeli border. 2) Israel closely monitors developments in Lebanon following the deadly violence that plagued its capital, Beirut. 3) The Israeli Air Force launches Blue Flag 2021 exercise – drawing the largest…
    October 18, 2021 4259 views
  • 12min

    U.S. questions Iranian ‘good-faith’ vs nuclear diplomacy; EastMed tensions rise TV7Israel News 15.10

    Today’s top stories 15.10.21; 1) The United States is deliberating alternative options to diplomacy with the Islamic Republic of Iran over stalled nuclear negotiations. 2) Greece is significantly bolstering its global standing on security related measures – amid increased tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean. 3) Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar vows to use all the…
    October 15, 2021 16454 views
  • 12min

    IAF allegedly strikes Syria; Clashes erupt in Lebanon; U.S. warns Iran TV7 Israel News 14.10.21

    Today’s top stories 14.10.21; 1) Unidentified aircraft strike Iranian targets in Syria for a second time in less than four days. 2) The United States warns Iran – unless it resumes nuclear talks in Vienna, other options will be utilized to thwart its path to a nuclear weapon. 3) Violent clashes erupted in the streets…
    October 14, 2021 56016 views
  • 12min

    Israel wont wait for world on Iran; IDF asserts enemies have reason for concern TV7Israel News 13.10

    Today’s top stories 13.10.21; 1) Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett stresses that Jerusalem is not going to wait on the world to act against Iran. 2) Outgoing IDF Ground Force Commander Major General Yoel Strick says that Israel’s enemies have a good number of reasons to be concerned over Israel’s preparedness for war. 3) The…
    October 13, 2021 86088 views
  • 12min

    Golan Heights part of Israel regardless of political climate;Turkey eyes Syria TV7 Israel News 12.10

    Today’s top stories 12.10.21; 1) President Isaac Herzog proclaims that Israel remains committed to fostering dialogue and is standing ready to oblige to any nation that seeks to normalize relations with the Jewish State. 2) German Chancellor Angela Merkel noted that nuclear talks with Iran are at a critical and problematic phase. 3) Turkish President…
    October 12, 2021 31568 views
  • 12min

    Iranian targets struck in Syria;Iran attains nuclear leap;Israel keen on peace TV7 Israel News 11.10

    today’s top stories 11.10.21; 1) Unidentified aircraft strike multiple Iranian targets in Syria. 2) Iran says it accumulated a considerably higher amount of enriched uranium beyond the figures reported by the International Atomic Energy Agency. 3) Jerusalem proclaims its keen aspiration to broaden the Abraham Accords – including with the Palestinians. You are welcome to…
    October 11, 2021 66723 views
  • 12min

    Temple Mount status-quo contested; IRGC harasses US Navy in Persian Gulf - TV7 Israel News 08.10.21

    Today’s top stories 08.10.21; 1) A Jerusalem Court overrules a police decision to ban a Jewish man who prayed on the grounds of the Temple Mount, drawing wide-spread rebuke from Muslim countries worldwide. 2) Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards claimed that its vessels have intercepted a number of U.S. Navy Vessels in the Persian Gulf. 3)…
    October 08, 2021 32047 views
  • 12min

    Bennett-Putin talks regional security; US signals Iran ‘time is running out’ - TV7 Israel News 07.10

    Today’s top stories 07.10.21; 1) Israeli Navy Chief of Staff Rear Admiral David Sa’ar Salma stresses that the right of the Jewish people to live in their ancestral homeland, with tranquility, honor and peace, remains a persistent struggle in the face of many constant dangers. 2) U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken stresses that while…
    October 07, 2021 32886 views
  • 12min

    Iran stresses ties with Russia a top priority; IDF persists with targeting IRGC TV7Israel News 06.10

    Today’s top stories 06.10.21; 1) IDF Chief of General Staff Lieutenant General Aviv Kochavi asserts that Israel will continue to destroy Iranian capabilities throughout the region – and is preparing to act against Iran’s nuclear program. 2) A court in Cyprus extended this morning the detention of a suspected assassin who was arrested earlier this…
    October 06, 2021 32584 views
  • 12min

    US-Israel NSAs discuss Plan B for Iran; Russia to build Egypt a nuclear plant TV7 Israel News 05.10

    You are welcome to join our audience and watch all of our programs - free of charge! TV7 Israel News: Jerusalem Studio: TV7 Israel News Editor’s Note: TV7 Israel: Watchmen Talk: Jerusalem Prays: TV7’s Times Observer: TV7’s Middle East Review: My Brother’s Keeper: This week in 60…
    October 05, 2021 52664 views
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    Cyprus thwarts Iran-directed assassinations;Germany outraged by Iranian demand TV7 Israel News 10.04

    today’s top stories; 1) Cypriot counter-terror units successfully thwart an Iranian-directed attempt to conduct targeted killings of Israelis in the Mediterranean Island. 2) Germany voices outrage over an Iranian demand of the United States to unfreeze billions of dollars as a prerequisite to restarting nuclear talks. 3) Iran conducts a massive military exercise along the…
    October 04, 2021 78409 views
  • 12min

    Iran-proxy struck in Syria; Israel opens Embassy in Bahrain; FM tours 5th Fleet TV7Israel News 01.10

    Today’s top stories 01.10.21; 1) Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett asserts that the Jewish State will never outsource its national security to anyone. 2) Unidentified Unmanned Aerial Vehicles reportedly struck a number of positions belonging to Iranian backed militias in Syrian’s eastern border-region with Iraq. 3) Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid concludes a two-day visit…
    October 01, 2021 41592 views
  • 12min

    IDF continues to strike Israel’s enemies; Terrorist neutralized in Jerusalem TV7 Israel News 30.09

    Today’s top stories 30.09.21; 1) IDF Chief of General Staff Lieutenant General Aviv Kochavi stresses Israel’s resolve to thwart the malign plans of its enemies. 2) An attempted stabbing-attack once again plagues Jerusalem’s walled city – merely several hours after Israeli security forces neutralize a member of the Iranian-proxy’ Palestinian Islamic Jihad. 3) EU Foreign…
    September 30, 2021 52617 views
  • 12min

    Russia-Turkey to deepen cooperation;Syria resolved to reconquer Israel’s Golan TV7 Israel News 29.09

    Today’s top stories 29.09.21; 1) Syria said it remains determined to reconquer the Golan Heights region from Israel. 2) Turkish President Erdogan meets his Russian counterpart Putin in the Black Sea Resort of Sochi to deliberate deepening military cooperation. 3) France warns Iran must return to the nuclear talks in Vienna – to avoid an…
    September 29, 2021 56937 views
  • 12min

    Iranian-militias bombed in Syria; Paris calls for ‘firmer stance’ vs Iran - TV7 Israel News 28.09

    Today’s top stories 28.09.21; 1) Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett asserts that while Jerusalem is not interested in war – it cannot remain oblivious to the accumulating threats which are rooted in the Islamic Republic of Iran. 2) Unidentified aircraft bomb Iranian-proxy targets in Syria’s eastern desert’ region - bordering Iraq. 3) French Foreign Minister…
    September 28, 2021 59161 views
  • 12min

    Deadly battles amid Israeli Counter-Terror activity; US to replenish Iron Dome TV7 Israel News 27.09

    Today’s top stories 27.09.21; 1) Deadly gun-battles erupt in the West Bank districts of Judea and Samaria amid Israeli operation activities which foiled imminent terrorist attacks by Hamas operatives. 2) Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas warns that Israel’s actions on the ground are forcing into reality a so-called ‘one-state solution’. 3) The U.S. House of Representatives…
    September 27, 2021 53733 views
  • 12min

    Israel-US discuss "plan B" for Iran's nuclear program - if diplomacy fails - TV7 Israel News 24.09

    Today’s top stories 24.09.21; 1) Israeli and US officials discuss “Plan B” for Iran’s nuclear program – if diplomacy fails. 2) Retired Brigadier General Relik Shafir, one of the Israeli Air Force pilots who bombed the Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981 – tells TV7 that Israel has the capability to severely damage Iran’s nuclear program.…
    September 23, 2021 36893 views
  • 12min

    IRGC claims capacity for war vs U.S.; Iran-proxy targets SA, draws retaliation TV7 Israel News 22.09

    Today’s top stories 22.09.21; 1) IRGC Commander Hussein Salami declares that Iran has bolstered its power to “defeat the United States” and Israel, which he referred to as a “small power” is no longer in Tehran’s equation. 2) U.S. President Joe Biden reiterates in his address to the UN General Assembly that the United States…
    September 22, 2021 38951 views
  • 12min

    Iran nuclear adventure must end or face consequence, Israeli Minister tells TV7 Israel News 21.09

    Today’s top stories 21.09.21; 1) Israeli Minister of Diaspora Affairs Nachman Shay tells TV7 that the Islamic Republic of Iran must cease its nuclear adventurism ‘or-else’ face the consequences of tomorrow. 2) IAEA Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi hopes to return to Tehran “soon” in-order to resolve outstanding questions on Iran’s undeclared nuclear activities. 3)…
    September 21, 2021 48120 views
  • 12min

    Israel concludes manhunt for six PIJ terrorists; U.S. open for talks with Iran TV7 Israel News 20.09

    Today’s top stories 20.09.21; 1) After more than two-weeks of operational activity by Israeli security forces, the inter-organizational manhunt for six terrorists that escaped a high-security prisoner, has successfully come to an end. 2) Israeli President Isaac Herzog asserts that “He who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.” 3) U.S. Ambassador to the…
    September 20, 2021 29336 views
  • 12min

    Great Power competition impacts Mideast alignments; US sanctions Hezbollah-Iran TV7Israel News 17.09

    Today’s top stories 17.09.21; 1) Commander of the IDF’s Strategy and Third Circle Directorate Major General Tal Kalman asserts that Israel and Iran are embroiled in a regional competition – which is evolving parallel to the great power competition between the United States, China and Russia. 2) Following a meeting between the top diplomats of…
    September 17, 2021 25584 views
  • 12min

    Aircraft strike Iranian-proxy on Syria-Iraq border; Putin-Assad meet in Moscow TV7 Israel News 15.09

    Today’s top stories 15.09.21; 1) Unidentified aircraft strike Iranian-proxies militias on the Syria-Iraq border – in an attack initially attributed to the United States. 2) The IAEA board of governors holds back on adopting a resolution – after Iran partially indulges the nuclear watchdog’s demands. 3) Russian President Vladimir Putin voices outrage over the continued…
    September 15, 2021 47726 views
  • 12min

    Israel-Egypt peace vital for regional stability; Iran-Iraq seek deepen relation TV7Israel News 14.09

    Today’s top stories 14.09.21; 1) Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett tells his Egyptian counterpart that Jerusalem regards peace with Egypt as a stabilizing factor to Middle East stability and security. 2) Jerusalem top defense official warns of the consequences of a nuclear armed Iran. 3) Iraqi Prime Minister Al Kadhimi highlights the importance of deepening…
    September 14, 2021 20338 views
  • 12min

    Gaza-Israel tensions escalate; Jerusalem plagued by two terror attacks - TV7 Israel News 13.09.21

    Today’s top stories 13.09.21; 1) Tensions escalate on a number of fronts in Israel’s south and central districts – with rocket fire from Gaza drawing retaliatory strikes – and terror attacks in Jerusalem leaving two civilians and an officer wounded. 2) IDF Chief of General Staff Lieutenant General Aviv Kochavi levels a warning toward Islamist…
    September 13, 2021 62383 views
  • 12min

    Russia seemingly greenlights Israeli strikes against Iran in Syria - TV7 Israel News 10.09.21

    Today’s top stories 10.09.21; 1) Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz vowed to seize the six escaped security-prisoners – as the manhunt continues. 2) Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov asserts that Moscow and Jerusalem had agreed to maintain their technical coordination mechanism which enables deconfliction during Israeli strikes against Iranian targets in Syria. 3) The U.S.…
    September 10, 2021 74685 views
  • 12min

    Russia-Israel FMs meet to discuss Iran & Syria; IRGC strikes northeast Iraq-TV7 Israel News 09.09.21

    Today’s top stories 09.09.21; 1) Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid tells his Russian Counterpart Sergei Lavrov – ‘unless the international community acts against Iran’s nuclear aspirations – Israel will opt to act on its own. 2) Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards launched an assault against Iranian Kurdish opposition groups that are based in northeastern Iraq. 3)…
    September 09, 2021 52981 views
  • 12min

    IAEA deplores Iran nuclear-related behavior;Lebanon-Syria agree energy transit TV7Israel News 08.09

    Today’s top stories 08.09.21; 1) The International Atomic Energy Agency rebukes the Islamic Republic of Iran for obstructing an investigation into its past activities – all the while jeopardizing crucial monitoring work, which may consequently ‘further complicate’ multilateral efforts to revive the 2015 nuclear agreement. 2) The United States manages to provide Lebanon alternatives to…
    September 08, 2021 37937 views
  • 12min

    IAF strikes Gaza; Iran threatens West ahead of IAEA meeting; Houthis attack SA TV7 Israel News 07.09

    Today’s top stories 07.09.21; 1) The Israeli Air Force stuck the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip overnight – in response to cross-border incendiary terror. 2) Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh warns the West not to make a miscalculation that would move in a direction that will impact nuclear negotiations in Vienna. 3) Saudi Arabia’s Aramco Oil…
    September 07, 2021 73170 views
  • 12min

    Israel marks Rosh Hashana; Prisonbreak spark manhunt;Iran keen on nuclear deal TV7 Israel News 06.09

    Today’s top stories 06.09.21; 1) Israeli Security Forces launched a manhunt for six Palestinian prisoners that were incarcerated for terror-related offenses, who managed to escape from a high-security prisoner. 2) The Islamist Hamas organization threatens Israel with renewed hostilities – unless Jerusalem lifts the blockade on the Gaza Strip. 3) Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi announced…
    September 06, 2021 56245 views
  • 12min

    Damascus bombed in alleged Israeli raid;IRGC troop dies from Chemical injuries TV7 Israel News 03.09

    Today’s top stories 03.09.21; 1) Unidentified aircraft strike multiple military targets in the vicinity of Syria’s capital, Damascus. 2) An Iranian regime news agency confirms the death of an IRGC operative in Syria – due to chemical injuries. 3) IDF Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Aviv Kochavi highlights the strategic importance of Israel’s Maritime domain.…
    September 03, 2021 131018 views
  • 12min

    Israel asserts credible threat vs Iran; US warns of Lebanese ‘horror story’ - TV7 Israel News 02.09

    Today’s top stories 02.09.21; 1) Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid stresses that Jerusalem’s only goal regarding the Gaza Strip is to ensure peace and quiet for the southern residents of the Jewish State. 2) Germany calls upon the Islamic Republic of Iran to immediately return to the negotiating table with the P5+1 in Vienna –…
    September 02, 2021 71687 views
  • 12min

    Israel-US Navies joint-maneuver in Red Sea; Iranian-proxy strikes Saudi Arabia TV7 Israel News 01.09

    Today’s top stories 01.09.21; 1) Israel has officially opened its School-year’ today, with roughly 2.4 million Israeli pupils, from kindergarten up-to 12th grade, attended their first school-day amid prevalent concerns related to rising numbers of COVID cases. 2) The Israeli Navy was joined by the U.S. Naval Forces Central Command, or NAVCENT, for a first…
    September 01, 2021 59857 views
  • 12min

    IDF Chief warns of Gaza war unless hostilities stop; Hamas rebuked over UNRWA -TV7 Israel News 31.08

    Today’s top stories 31.08.21; 1) IDF Chief of General Staff Aviv Kochavi warns Israel may be forced to launch yet another offensive military operation unless terror that emanates from Gaza ceases. 2) The United Nations Special Coordinator for the Mideast Peace Process Tor Wennesland urged Hamas to cease its hostilities against Israel. 3) China voices…
    August 31, 2021 45745 views
  • 12min

    IAF bombs Gaza over terror; U.S. “other options” if diplomacy vs Iran fails TV7 Israel News 30.08.21

    Today’s top stories 30.08.21; 1) In response to incendiary terror and violent border-riots, the Israeli Air Force struck Hamas military installations in the Gaza Strip. 2) Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak tells TV7 that a political meltdown in Pakistan could lead to the nuclear armament of a number of nations throughout the region. 3)…
    August 30, 2021 33219 views
  • 12min

    Bennett-Biden meet @ White House;Iran actions in Lebanon render war inevitable TV7 Israel News 27.08

    Today’s top stories 27.08.21; 1) Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett holds his first official meeting with U.S. President Joe Biden. 2) Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi emphasizes that his government will refuse to tie its efforts to lift U.S. sanctions to the economic well-bring of the Iranian people. 3) Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz confirms that…
    August 27, 2021 43326 views
  • 12min

    Israel prepares Plan B vs Iran' nuclear-program; Bennett-Biden meeting delayed TV7 Israel News 26.08

    Today’s top stories 26.08.21; 1) Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s first official meeting with U.S. President Joe Biden at the White House has been delayed in light of a deadly terror attack in Afghanistan. 2) Tensions alleviate along the Israel-Gaza border – Egyptian mediation manages to subdue violent riots orchestrated by the Islamist Hamas. 3)…
    August 26, 2021 64613 views
  • 12min

    Israeli Premier travels to US for talks on Iran; G7 agree to deal with Taliban TV7 Israel News 25.08

    Today’s top stories 25.08.21; 1) Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett arrived in the United States ahead of his first highly-anticipated meeting with U.S. President Joe Biden. 2) UN Special Envoy for Syria Geir Pedersen warns that “significant airstrikes attributed to Israel” compromise Syria’s sovereignty, unity, independence and territorial integrity. 3) German Chancellor Angela Merkel voices…
    August 25, 2021 34047 views
  • 12min

    Gaza incendiary terror draws IAF strike; U.S. dubs JCPOA a profound interest - TV7 Israel News 24.08

    Today’s top stories 24.08.21; 1) Palestinian Islamists launched dozens of incendiary balloons from the Gaza Strip toward Israel’s southern territory – drawing, in a retaliatory response, Israeli aerial strikes on multiple military targets in Gaza overnight. 2) France, Britain and Germany urge Iran to return to the negotiating table in Vienna – warning the Ayatollah…
    August 24, 2021 27605 views
  • 12min

    IAF strikes Hamas over Gaza-border attacks; Israel urges U.S. ‘stop Iran now - TV7 Israel News 23.08

    Today’s top stories 23.08.21; 1) The Israeli Air Force struck Hamas installations in the Gaza Strip – after the Islamist group orchestrated violent border-riots which critically injured an Israeli serviceman. 2) Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett emphasizes that the nuclear agreement with Iran, in light of recent developments, is outdated. 3) Hezbollah calls on Lebanon…
    August 23, 2021 67354 views
  • 12min

    Syria’s Damascus &Qara struck in IAF alleged attack; Israel-Qatar agree on Gaza TV7Israel News 20.08

    Today’s top stories 20.08.21; 1) Unidentified aircraft struck multiple targets in Syria, believed to be Iranian controlled weapons-caches, in an attack attributed to Israel. 2) Deepening relations between Hamas and the Taliban are seemingly raising concern in Israel over expected collaboration between the two Islamist groups. 3) Israel reaches an agreement with Qatar over delivery…
    August 20, 2021 69786 views
  • 12min

    Hezbollah threatens US&Israel over tanker; China urges US allies to reevaluate TV7 Israel News 19.08

    Today’s top stories 19.08.21; 1) Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is scheduled to travel to the United States for a meeting with President Joe Biden to discuss ways on preventing Iran’s nuclear armament. 2) Hezbollah announced that Iran will transfer oil via sea to accommodate Lebanon’s needs – despite U.S. sanctions. 3) China dubs the…
    August 19, 2021 108867 views
  • 12min

    Israel allegedly bombs Iran’ post in Syria; Turkey welcomes Taliban statements TV7 Israel News 18.08

    Today’s top stories 18.08.21; 1) Damascus accuses Israel of striking two Syrian military posts overnight – one of which was said to house Iranian forces. 2) The Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani welcomed the Taliban’s return to power in Afghanistan – further claiming that the fate that befell the United States…
    August 18, 2021 66437 views
  • 12min

    IAEA warns of Iran’s nuclear advancement; Israel to respond to Hamas aggression TV7Israel News 17.08

    Today’s top stories 17.08.21; 1) Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett warns Hamas over any aggression directed at Jewish State from Gaza – vowing to respond with force to any attack - at a time and place of Jerusalem’s choosing. 2) The International Atomic Energy Agency has raised the alarm over progress being made by the…
    August 17, 2021 31738 views
  • 12min

    Gazan Islamists fire-rocket toward Israel; Jerusalem downgrades Warsaw ties - TV7 Israel News 16.08

    Today’s top stories 16.08.21; 1) Palestinian Islamists launched a rocket from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip toward the communities of southern Israel. 2) A large wild-fire, which broke-out yesterday, continues to wreck-havoc throughout thousands of dunams – amid extensive efforts to gain control over the raging flames. 3) Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid condemns the Polish…
    August 16, 2021 42921 views
  • 12min

    Turkey-Iran to bolster regional cooperation; Israel calls on Arabs to decide - TV7 Israel News 13.08

    Today’s top stories 13.08.21; 1) Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid stresses that the new Iranian government has made it easier for Jerusalem to explain the threats which emanate from the Islamic Republic and its murderous regime. 2) Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says he believes that Turkey-Iran relations and regional cooperation will grow stronger during…
    August 13, 2021 51835 views
  • 12min

    Israel opens Embassy in Morocco; Germany warns of staled Iran nuclear-talks - TV7 Israel News 12.08

    Today’s top stories 12.08.21; 1) Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid inaugurated Jerusalem’s embassy in the Moroccan capital, Rabat – which reestablished its diplomatic ties with the Jewish State on December 10th of last year 2) The Israeli Defense Establishment is working tirelessly to further fortify its northern defenses to ensure that at the moment of…
    August 12, 2021 26196 views
  • 12min

    Israel calls for global action against Iran; U.S. highlights crucial LAF role -TV7 Israel News 11.08

    Today’s top stories 11.08.21; 1) Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz insists that the time has come for the world to act jointly against Iran. 2) Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett holds a meeting with CIA Director William Burns over deepening intelligence and security cooperation between Washington and Jerusalem. 3) U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense…
    August 11, 2021 64382 views
  • 12min

    Iran threatens UK over accusations; Israel at critical point, President says -TV7 Israel News 10.08

    Today’s top stories 10.08.21; 1) Israeli President Isaac Herzog warns that the Jewish State is at a “critical point in terms of the threats against” it. 2) The Islamic Republic of Iran has warned the United Kingdom to pay attention – claiming it to be a source of insecurity in the Persian Gulf ; that…
    August 10, 2021 82302 views
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