Temple Mount status-quo contested; IRGC harasses US Navy in Persian Gulf - TV7 Israel News 08.10.21

Today’s top stories 08.10.21;
1) A Jerusalem Court overrules a police decision to ban a Jewish man who prayed on the grounds of the Temple Mount, drawing wide-spread rebuke from Muslim countries worldwide.
2) Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards claimed that its vessels have intercepted a number of U.S. Navy Vessels in the Persian Gulf.
3) Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian visited Lebanon – during which he highlighted Tehran’s intention for Beirut “to strengthen bilateral ties in various ways”
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  • Published: October 08, 2021
  • Duration: 12 min

TV7 Israel News

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    Gantz highlights value of Israel-German ties; Envoy ties JCPOA to hostages deal TV7Israel News 25.01

    Today’s top stories 25.01.22; 1) Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz voices Jerusalem’s deep appreciation of the unique bond between Israel and Germany. 2) The U.S. negotiating team to the nuclear talks in Vienna is reportedly embroiled with internal disagreements about the diplomatic approach towards Iran. 3) Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian rules out any direct…
    January 25, 2022 5838 views
  • 12min

    Iranian-proxy claims strike on UAE & Saudi Arabia; China-Russia-Iran Navy drill TV7 Israel News 24.1

    Today’s top stories 24.01.22; 1) Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett announces Jerusalem’s intention to increase efforts to battle contemporary antisemitism. 2) China, Russia and the Islamic Republic of Iran concluded a joint naval exercise in the Northern Arabian Sea dubbed “2022 Marine Security Belt.” 3) Iranian-backed Houthis launch ballistic missiles and drones against civilian targets…
    January 24, 2022 24217 views
  • 12min

    U.S. insists not time to give up on JCPOA; Iran offers Russia support vs West -TV7 Israel News 20.01

    Today’s top stories 20.01.22; 1) Israel urges the international community not to separate between Iran’s terror-related activities and its nuclear weapons program in talks taking place in Vienna. 2) U.S. President Joe Biden insists that it is not the time to give up on diplomacy with Iran. 3) Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi offers Russian President…
    January 20, 2022 22025 views
  • 12min

    Turkey aspires to improve ties with Israel; Jerusalem offers UAE assistance - TV7 Israel News 19.01

    Today’s top stories 19.01.22; 1) Turkey voices its keen interest to normalize its relations with Israel. 2) Israel offers the United Arab Emirates security and intelligence support to help Abu Dhabi contend with the growing threats posed by Iran-supported terror groups in Yemen and elsewhere. 3) The Israeli Air Force concluded a joint exercise with…
    January 19, 2022 22925 views
  • 12min

    Israel hopes to widen Abraham Accords; Iran, Syria commit to China’s Belt&Road TV7 Israel News 18.01

    Today’s top stories 18.01.22; 1) Israel calls on “reasonable minded countries” in the region to join in the fight against “extreme Islam” amid increased aggression by Iranian-backed terror groups. 2) U.S. Naval Forces Central Command Vice Admiral Brad Cooper refers to the Abraham Accords as a “significant” foundation to enable regional cooperation to confront the…
    January 18, 2022 24432 views
  • 12min

    Fatal strike targets UAE by Iran-backed Houthis; Russia convinced U.S. Re JCPOA TV7Israel News 17.01

    Today’s top stories 17.01.22; 1) A terror attack was thwarted earlier today when a Palestinian assailant attempted to stab an IDF soldier at the Gush Etzion Junction. 2) Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says “real progress” has been achieved in the Iranian nuclear talks taking place in Vienna. 3) The United Arab Emirate was subject…
    January 17, 2022 46280 views
  • 12min

    U.S. Embassy targeted in Iraq; Blinken warns Iran over stalling talks in Vienna TV7Israel News 14.01

    Today’s top stories 14.01.22; 1) U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken warns Iran that there are “a few weeks left” before “other options” will be introduced to contend with Tehran’s nuclear program. 2) Iranian-backed militias allegedly launch rockets toward the U.S. Embassy in Iraq. 3) The United Nations urges warring parties in Yemen to resume…
    January 14, 2022 26362 views
  • 12min

    Iranian espionage ring taken-down by ISA; 2IDF officers killed by friendly-fire TV7IsraelNews 13.01

    Today’s top stories 13.01.22; 1) Two IDF Commando officers were killed by friendly fire last night adjacent to an IDF military base in the Jordan Valley. 2) The Israeli Security Agency, in a joint counter-intelligence operation, uncovered a secret Iranian Espionage Network operating in Israel. 3) While French Foreign Minister Le Drian voices concern over…
    January 13, 2022 34476 views
  • 12min

    IDF soldier injured in terror attack; Houthis in Yemen threaten maritime sphere TV7Israel News 12.01

    Today’s top stories 12.01.22; 1) A Palestinian motorist rammed his vehicle into a group of IDF troops that were securing the route adjacent to an Israeli West Bank community. 2) Saudi-backed government forces in Yemen manage to repel an Iranian-backed Houthi attack in the Shabwa province, adjacent to Ma’rib governorate. 3) The U.S. State Department…
    January 12, 2022 24216 views
  • 12min

    IDF-CENTCOM ties vital for Mideast stability; SA notes IRGC-Hezbollah in Yemen TV7 Israel News 11.01

    Today’s top stories 11.01.22; 1) U.S. Naval Forces Central Command Commander Vice Admiral Brad Cooper visits Israel amid mounting tensions with Iran and its regional proxies. 2) Germany pledges to continue supporting the U.S.-led coalition which combats the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. 3) Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh rules out any prospects…
    January 11, 2022 18455 views
  • 12min

    IDF to engage in ‘strategic competition’; France warns Iran time is running-out TV7Israel News 10.01

    Today’s top stories 10.01.22; 1) Jerusalem warns that unless a nuclear agreement with Iran will curb the latter’s malign behavior – Israel will reserve the right to act in its defense. 2) Israeli Foreign minister Yair Lapid congratulates France on assuming the Presidency of the European Union – in a phone conversation with President Emmanuel…
    January 10, 2022 34540 views
  • 14min

    UN calls-out Syria over chemical weapons; Progress in nuclear talks with Iran TV7 Israel News 06.01

    Today’s top stories 06.01.22; 1) Progress has been made in the nuclear talks between Iran and world powers in Vienna. 2) Iranian proxies are seemingly exacerbating sporadic attacks against installations that house U.S. troops in Syria and Iraq. 3) The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons says Damascus is not truthful about its reports…
    January 06, 2022 24520 views
  • 12min

    Iranian-proxies fire at US bases in Syria-Iraq; Israeli intel divided on JCPOA TV7 Israel News 05.01

    Today’s top stories 05.01.22; 1) Israel asserts it is not opposed to a “good” nuclear deal with Iran so-long as ample constraints frustrate its rush to a nuclear weapon. 2) Iran claims progress has been made at the nuclear talks in Vienna. 3) Iranian proxy militias launch multiple attacks against military installations housing U.S. troops…
    January 05, 2022 38792 views
  • 12min

    Israel strikes Gaza following rocket-fire; Iran vows revenge against U.S. - TV7 Israel News 04.01.22

    Today’s top stories 04.01.22; 1) Israel strikes Hamas targets in Gaza – after two rockets were indiscriminately launched toward Israel’s central communities. 2) Hamas Political Bureau Chief Ismail Haniyeh acknowledges that Iran had paid his organization 70 million U.S. dollars – earmarked for battling Israel. 3) Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi threatens to kill former President…
    January 04, 2022 52181 views
  • 12min

    Damascus accuses Jerusalem of cross-border strike; IDF drills readiness for war TV7Israel News 16.12

    Today’s top stories 16.12.21; 1) Damascus accuses Jerusalem of launching a cross-border missile strike on a number of targets in Southern Syria. 2) The IDF concluded a week-long exercise, which took place throughout the country, aimed at simulating combat scenarios in order to improve the military's readiness for the next war. 3) The IAEA confirmed…
    December 16, 2021 60811 views
  • 12min

    IDF redefines its “red line” on Iran’s nuclear program - TV7 Israel News 15.12.21

    Today’s top stories 15.12.21; 1) The Israeli Defense Establishment reportedly redefined its so-called “red line” regarding Iran’s nuclear program – as to align itself with the U.S. position. 2) France, Germany and Britain warn that “Iran must choose between keeping to the terms of the (2015 nuclear) agreement or face an escalation.” 3) The Gulf…
    December 15, 2021 45871 views
  • 12min

    E3 warns Iran over nuclear talks; Israel rejects role in Tyre Hamas’ silo blast TV7Israel News 14.12

    Today’s top stories 14.12.21; 1) The Islamic Republic of Iran deplores the United Arab Emirates for hosting Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett in Abu Dhabi – claiming it destabilizes the region. 2) The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps is reportedly preparing to conduct a space launch – at a time when nuclear negotiations in Vienna are…
    December 14, 2021 51074 views
  • 12min

    Israel warns UAE over Iran entrenchment; US to withdraw from Iraq by year’s end TV7Israel News 13.12

    Today’s top stories 13.12.21; 1) Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett makes history by becoming the first Israeli premier to make an official state visit to the United Arab Emirates. 2) The United Kingdom warns the Islamic Republic of Iran – asserting that nuclear in Vienna constitute a final chance to revive the 2015 nuclear deal.…
    December 13, 2021 54650 views
  • 12min

    Israel-US prepare to face Iran; EU says renewed sense of urgency in Vienna - TV7 Israel News 10.12

    Today’s top stories 10.12.21; 1) Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian claims that the Islamic Republic is “trying to reach a serious and good agreement” – despite Western skepticism. 2) U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin reaffirms Washington’s unwavering commitment to Israel’s security in the face of Iranian threats. 3) Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid dubs…
    December 10, 2021 62771 views
  • 12min

    Iran not serious at Vienna; Israel-US discuss ‘Plan B’ - if diplomacy fails - TV7 Israel News 09.12

    Today’s top stories 09.12.21; 1) Israel and the United States are holding top level security meetings on possible “courses of action” in the event that the diplomatic track in Vienna, aimed at thwarting Iran’s nuclear race to a bomb, fails. 2) CIA Director William Burns asserts that Iran is not taking the nuclear talks in…
    December 09, 2021 41578 views
  • 12min

    Terrorist stabs mother of five in Jerusalem;Riyadh faces Iran-backed aggression TV7Israel News 08.12

    Today’s top stories 08.12.21; 1) An abhorrent terror attack plagued the city of Jerusalem, once again – in what is regarded by Israel’s defense establishment as ‘Hamas instigated terror.’ 2) Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett asserts Jerusalem’s resolve to confront the bad forces of this region. 3) The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia continues to face…
    December 08, 2021 44147 views
  • 12min

    Terror plagues Jerusalem; Syria accuses Israel of airstrike; U.S. warns Iran - TV7 Israel News 07.12

    Today’s top stories 07.12 21; 1) Terror attacks plague Israel – forcing the defense establishment to raise the level of alert throughout the West Bank districts of Judea and Samaria. 2) Unidentified aircraft strike Syria’s port of Latakia – in an attack Damascus attributed to the Israeli air force. 3) The United States warns Iran…
    December 07, 2021 56840 views
  • 12min

    Mossad vows to thwart Iran’s nuclear; IRGC threatens US over Mideast presence TV7 Israel News 03.12

    Today’s top stories 03.12.21; 1) The Israeli Mossad Agency pledges not to allow the Islamic Republic of Iran to ever attain a nuclear weapon. 2) The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Quds Force commander Brigadier General Esmail Qa’ani threatens the United States over its presence throughout the Middle East – claiming the time has come for Shi’ite…
    December 03, 2021 73040 views
  • 12min

    Israel calls to halt Iran talks in Vienna; Russia warns talk of ‘Plan B’ toxic TV7 Israel News 02.12

    Today’s top stories 02.12.21; 1) Israel is set to invest billions of shekels in new military hardware aimed at bolstering the IDF’s regional qualitative military edge. 2) Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett urges world powers to cease negotiations with Iran over new nuclear related violations. 3) Russia warns that discussions over a Plan B for…
    December 02, 2021 61935 views
  • 12min

    Israel may strike Iran absent US consent; Iraq demands PMF disarm & conform - TV7 Israel News 01.12

    Today’s top stories 01.12.21; 1) Israel is undeterred and will relentlessly work to ensure that the international community understands the threat which emanates from the Islamic Republic of Iran. 2) Senior Israeli intelligence official tells TV7 that in contrast to assumptions ‘Israel could strike Iran without American consent.’ 3) Iraq’s new nationalist victors demand of…
    December 01, 2021 82416 views
  • 14min

    Iran prepares for nuclear breakout, Israel warns US-E3; Mixed signals in Vienna - TV7 Israel News

    Today’s top stories 30.11.21; 1) Jerusalem warns the international community of Iran’s nuclear blackmail – at a time when it calls for Israel’s annihilation. 2) Britain reaffirms its support of Israel’s right to defend itself – against terror and the Islamic Republic of Iran. 3) The United States warns Iran that if it stalls the…
    November 30, 2021 96462 views
  • 12min

    World Powers & Iran resume nuclear talks in Vienna; Israel closes its borders TV7 Israel News 29.11

    Today’s top stories 29.11.21; 1) Israel has closed its borders to foreigners and implemented a series of new restrictions on international travel – amid concerns of a new COVID-19 Variant. 2) Israel and the United Kingdom sign a new strategic Memorandum of Understanding to deepen bilateral cooperation in numerous fields. 3) The Islamic Republic of…
    November 29, 2021 24659 views
  • 12min

    Israel-Morocco sign Defense MOU; RADM Hagari TV7 Exclusive; OPEC DMs meet in SA TV7Israel News 25.11

    Today’s top stories 25.11.21; 1) Jerusalem calls upon Washington not to sign a partial nuclear agreement with Iran. 2) Israel has signed a defense cooperation pact with Morocco – significantly bolstering the security relations between the two countries. 3) In a first exclusive interview granted to TV7 since stepping out of the shadows after formerly…
    November 25, 2021 31062 views
  • 12min

    IAF allegedly strikes Syria; Australia bans Hezbollah; Iran deceives own public TV7Israel News 24.11

    Today’s top stories; 24.11.2021 1) Unidentified aircraft launch a “wave of missiles” toward Iranian-proxy installations in Syria. 2) Australia designates the Lebanese Iranian-proxy Hezbollah as “a terrorist organization.” 3) IAEA Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi is seemingly outraged over his Iranian counterpart blatantly lying while at a joint-press conference in Tehran. You are welcome to…
    November 24, 2021 60875 views
  • 12min

    Israel to confront Iran’s nuclear program; IDF foils Hamas WB terror network TV7 Israel News 23.11

    Today’s top stories 23.11.21; 1) Israel regards the Islamic Republic of Iran as its number one enemy and it intends to confront this threat regardless of foreign agreements. 2) Israeli Air Force Commander Major General Amikam Norkin asserts that relations with the United States Military have never been more robust. 3) The IDF thwarts a…
    November 23, 2021 55620 views
  • 12min

    Deadly terror in Jerusalem; Britain outlaws Hamas; U.S. warns Israel over Iran TV7 Israel News 22.11

    Today’s top stories 22.11.21; 1) A deadly terror-attack plagues the ancient city of Jerusalem early Sunday morning, claiming the life of one civilian and wounding four others. 2) The United Kingdom designates the Islamist Hamas as a terror organization – drawing praise from Jerusalem and condemnations from the Gaza Strip. 3) The United States reportedly…
    November 22, 2021 68782 views
  • 12min

    Turkey is keen on improving bilateral relations with Israel; U.S. warns Iran TV7 Israel News 19.11

    Today’s top stories 19.11.21; 1) Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan asserts that Turkey-Israel relations are “of key importance to the peace, stability, and security of the Middle East.” 2) The White House rejects a report which suggests that the United States considers “an interim agreement with Iran” that would aim to “buy more time for…
    November 19, 2021 21427 views
  • 12min

    Terror-attack plagues Jerusalem; Israeli couple released from Turkish prison TV7 Israel News 18.11

    Today’s top stories 18.11.21; 1) Two border police servicemembers sustain injuries in a Jerusalem terror attack perpetrated in the alleyways of the old city. 2) Following one-and-a-half weeks of custody in a Turkish prison over allegations of espionage; a Turkish court ordered the immediate release of the Israeli couple. 3) Libya is gearing up for…
    November 18, 2021 50404 views
  • 12min

    Israel to confront Iran regardless of deal; Damascus accuses IAF of strike TV7 Israel News 17.11

    Today’s top stories 17.11.21; 1) Prime Minister Naftali Bennett asserts that Israel is utilizing the existing period of relative quiet to prepare for war – at a time when global power lack firmness toward the Islamic Republic of Iran. 2) The International Atomic Energy Agency warns that it is unable to verify Iran’s exact stockpile…
    November 17, 2021 68832 views
  • 12min

    Iran’ actions threaten miscalculation in Gulf, Pentagon says; Israel thanks US TV7 Israel News 16.11

    Today’s top stories 16.11.21; 1) Israel thanks the United States for its unaverred support of the Jewish State in standing up against the bias direct at it in the United Nations. 2) The Pentagon confirms continued Iranian harassment of the U.S. Navy in the Gulf – warning of dangerous conduct that may lead to “miscalculation.”…
    November 16, 2021 47799 views
  • 12min

    Israel concerned by U.S. intent for JCPOA; Israel urges Turkey ‘release couple’ TV7Israel News 15.11

    Today’s top stories 15.11.21; 1) Israel is increasingly concern over signals of conciliatory intentions by the Biden Administration in the looming nuclear negotiations with Iran in Vienna. 2) Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu visits Tehran for a string of high-level meetings. 3) Israel is poised to become the first nation to vaccinate children aged five…
    November 15, 2021 33476 views
  • 12min

    US-UAE-Bahrain-Israel hold naval drill to counter Iran; Israel-Christian united TV7Israel News 12.11

    Today’s top stories 12.11.21; 1) The United States, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Israel hold a naval exercise in the Red Sea – in what a senior IDF official proclaimed to be “a beginning of cooperation between the participating countries against Iranian entrenchment in the maritime sphere.” 2) Washington steps up efforts to help alleviate…
    November 12, 2021 42890 views
  • 12min

    Iran struggles against IDF in Syria; Bennett rejects “terror state” in Israel -TV7 Israel News 11.11

    Today’s top stories 11.11.21; 1) Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett pledges not to allow for a “terror state” to be established in the heart of the land of Israel. 2) The Israeli Parliament’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee Chairman Ram Ben-Barak labels the Ayatollah regime in Iran as a “black cloud that exerts a curse…
    November 11, 2021 58947 views
  • 12min

    Israel steps-up preparedness to confront Iran; Syria-UAE talks “concern” U.S. TV7 Israel News 10.11

    Today’s top stories 10.11.21; 1) Israel is preparing for what senior Jerusalem officials stress to be “an inevitable path of confrontation with the regionally-stretched tentacles of the Ayatollah regime in Tehran.” 2) Despite the imminent return to the nuclear negotiations in Vienna – Iran emphasizes that the 2015 agreement will not be revived unless the…
    November 10, 2021 75569 views
  • 12min

    IAF allegedly strikes Iranian targets in Syria; US alarmed by IRGC UAV program TV7 Israel News 09.11

    Today’s top stories; 09/11/21 1) Unidentified Aircraft strike Iranian proxy militias in Syria – in an attack Damascus immediately attributed to the Israeli Air Force. 2) The United States and Egypt hold a “Strategic Dialogue Summit” to discuss bilateral challenges and opportunities. 3) The Islamic Republic’s Armed Forces, alongside the Islamic Revolutionary Guards, concluded a…
    November 09, 2021 64286 views
  • 12min

    Mossad foils IRGC-directed attacks; Egypt to deploy additional forces in Sinai TV7 Israel News 08.11

    Today’s top stories 08.11.21; 1) Egypt is expected to deploy additional forces in its border area with Rafah, which is the most eastern neighborhood of the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. 2) The Israeli intelligence agency Mossad had recently foiled an Iranian plot to attack Israeli and Jewish targets in Tanzania, Senegal and Ghana. 3) Israel refuses…
    November 08, 2021 58439 views
  • 12min

    Israel passes state budget; Turkey masses troops on Syria border; Lebanon-Saudi TV7Israel News 05.11

    Today’s top stories 05.11.21; 1) Jerusalem’s political stability has been cemented – that after the Israeli parliament, or Knesset in Hebrew, approved the 2021 and 2022 state budget. 2) Prime Minister Najib Mikati urged information minister George Kordahi to “prioritize national interest over populist slogans” – that after the latter warned that demanding of him…
    November 05, 2021 64125 views
  • 12min

    IRGC claims US incapable of supporting Israel; Iranian nuclear talks to resume TV7 Israel News 04.11

    Today’s top stories 04.11.21; 1) IRGC Commander in Chief Major General Hossein Salami claims that the collapse of the United States has started and therefore its ability to support Israel has come to an end. 2) Iran and the European Union announce that the resumption of nuclear negotiations in Vienna has been scheduled for November…
    November 04, 2021 48079 views
  • 12min

    Iran cyber-attacks Israel; Damascus bombed over Iranian entrenchment - TV7 Israel News 03.11.21

    Today’s top stories 03.11.21; 1) Iranian hackers target Israeli civilian companies – merely a week after the Islamic Republic blames the United States and Israel for a wide-scale cyber-attack on its petroleum and banking related national infrastructure. 2) Unidentified aircraft destroy a number of Iranian-controlled posts that were situated in the Western countryside of Damascus.…
    November 03, 2021 78065 views
  • 12min

    Tension rise in Jerusalem over state budget; Iran lobbies Europe vs U.S. - TV7 Israel News 02.11.21

    Today’s top stories 02.11.21; 1) Tensions are rapidly rising in Israel as by the end of this week Jerusalem’s political stability is put to the test ahead of a looming deadline for a state budget. 2) Prime Minister Naftali Bennett announces Israel’s 100-step plan to cut Israel’s greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050. 3)…
    November 02, 2021 24036 views
  • 12min

    Damascus struck amid rising tension; US to respond to Iranian attacks in Syria TV7 Israel News 01.11

    Today’s top stories 01.11.21; 1) In a rare day-time strike on Iranian targets in Damascus – dozens of missiles penetrate Syria’s air defenses, killing at least five IRGC-backed militants. 2) U.S. President Joe Biden asserted that the United States will “respond” to Iran’s continued aggression against U.S. forces in Syria and elsewhere. 3) Saudi Foreign…
    November 01, 2021 103469 views
  • 12min

    Iran claims helped topple Trump & Netanyahu; Nuclear-talks to resume next month TV7Israel News 28.10

    Today’s top stories 28.10.21; 1) Following a meeting between EU Political Director Enrique Mora and Iranian chief nuclear negotiator Bagheri Kani; Tehran has agreed to resume nuclear negotiations by the end of November. 2) The extent of damage done by a cyberattack that crippled Iran’s petrol stations nationwide is evidently greater than initially acknowledged. 3)…
    October 28, 2021 41192 views
  • 12min

    Iran crippled by cyberattack; Leb. Christian leader probed over Beirut violence TV7Israel News 27.10

    Today’s top stories 27.10.21; 1) Vicious cyberattack by unidentified actors cripples Iran’s gas-stations nation-wide. 2) Lebanese military intelligence summon a Christian leader for questioning over the deadly violence that raged in Beirut, earlier this month. 3) Lebanon’s interim technocratic government aspires to make progress toward starting full negotiations – aimed at securing a deal with…
    October 27, 2021 59120 views
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