U.S. warns mariners at Persian Gulf; PA to end signed deals with Israel - TV7 Israel News 20.05.20

Today’s top stories 20.05.20;
1) Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas declared that the Palestinians are no longer bound by previously signed agreements with either Israel or the United States.
2) The Islamic Republic’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei vows to repel the United States from Iraq and Syria – while condemning Saudi Arabia and the moderate Arab states for their evident rapprochement with Israel.
3) The United States Navy issued a veiled warning to the Islamic Republic to keep at a distance from U.S. warships or face “defensive measures.”
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  • Published: May 20, 2020
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    Israel bombs Syria; U.S. urges Arab unity to confront Iran - TV7 Israel News 27.07.20

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    Israel to force Iran out of Syria; Hamas threatens ‘war over annexation’ - TV7 Israel News 26.06.20

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    UN dubs WB annexation "threat"; Iran calls for US talks; Hezbollah backs Syria-TV7 Israel News 25.06

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    Israel bombs Syria; Houthis fires BM at S. Arabia; Russia draws US to Libya - TV7 Israel News 24.06

    Today’s top stories 24.06.20; 1) Israeli reportedly conducts numerous airstrikes against military and Iranian-proxy installations in Syria. 2) Iranian-backed Houthis launch a number of ballistic missiles and explosive drones toward Saudi Arabia. 3) Libya’s Turkish-backed Government of National Accord reveals it coordinates with the United States on the ground, in light of Russia’s growing military…
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    Egyptian President instructs military to prepare for Libya war - TV7 Israel News 23.06.20

    Today’s top stories 23.06.20; 1) Israel is stepping up enforcement of government’ enacted restrictive measures, which remain in effect, as the upward-trend of newly confirmed coronavirus cases persists. 2) Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi instructed his armed forces “to be prepared to carry out any mission” amid rapidly mounting tensions with neighboring Libya over Turkey’s…
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    Israel praises IAEA for Iran resolution; EU supports UNIFIL in Lebanon - TV7 Israel News 22.06.20

    Today’s top stories 22.06.20; 1) An alarming rise in newly confirmed coronavirus cases throughout the state of Israel may force Jerusalem’ authorities to reimpose a nationwide closure. 2) The International Atomic Energy Agency’s Board of Governors adopted a resolution over the weekend demanding of Iran to comply with its nuclear related commitments under the Non-Proliferation…
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    Israel-Greece to bolster security cooperation in Eastern-Mediterranean - TV7 Israel News 18.06.20

    Today’s top stories 18.06.20; 1) Greece and Israel are significantly bolstering bilateral relations in numerous sectors, including in the fields of energy and maritime security. 2) Turkey has managed to secure the survival of the Libyan government of national accord in Tripoli as the Eastern-based Libyan National Army is seeking alternative route. 3) The Israeli…
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    UAE adamant on cooperation with Israel despite Palestinian issue - TV7 Israel News 17.06.20

    Today’s top stories 17.06.20; 1) King Abdullah of Jordan warns that Israel’s plan to assert its sovereignty over parts of the West Bank would jeopardize the stability of the Middle East. 2) The United Arab Emirates Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash highlighted his country’s ambition to bolster relations with the State of…
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    Gazans fire rocket toward Israel; Berlin reaffirms support for Jerusalem - TV7 Israel News 16.06.20

    Today’s top stories 16.06.20; 1) Following forty days of relative quiet, Palestinian Islamists have once again indiscriminately launched a rocket from the Gaza Strip toward Israel’s southern communities. 2) Senior U.S. Administration officials urge Jerusalem’s political leadership to take a cautious approach vis-à-vis asserting sovereignty over parts of the West Bank. 3) German Chancellor Angela…
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    Gulf Arab States pressure U.S.-Israel to forego plans of annexation - TV7 Israel News 15.06.20

    Today’s top stories 15.06.20; 1) With less than two weeks remaining until the declared target-date of July 1st, which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had declaratively-scheduled for asserting Jerusalem’s sovereignty over approximately 33 percent of the West Bank. 2) Arab Gulf states are stepping-up efforts to pressure Washington and Jerusalem to abandon Israeli plans of…
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    U.S. sanctions ICC over “witch-hunt”; Iran to execute CIA-Mossad Informant- TV7 Israel News 12.06.20

    Today’s top stories 12.06.20; 1) In a retaliatory response for the International Criminal Court’s decision to investigate the U.S. military for alleged war crimes in Afghanistan - among others – the Trump Administration announced a series of sanctions against the court. 2) U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres informed the world body’s Security Council that debris of…
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    U.S. warns over China’s growing regional influence as competition mounts- TV7 Israel News 11.06.20

    Today’s top stories 11.06.20; 1) German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas concluded a visit to both Israel and Jordan, during which he called on all relevant sides to the Palestinian-Israel conflict to reach a consensus by means of diplomacy that will avert potential prospects of regional conflagration. 2) Jerusalem warns Ramallah that its ongoing rejection to…
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    Contention among Israel’s political leadership hampers annexation plans - TV7 Israel News 10.06.20

    Today’s top stories 10.06.20; 1) The Israeli leadership announced stepping-up enforcement of restrictive-regulations in the public-sphere, in light of an apparent resurgence of the corona contagion throughout the Jewish State. 2) Reported division among Jerusalem’s top political leadership is seemingly a cause for delays in Israel’s anticipated bid to annex parts of the West Bank.…
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    IDF prepares for war due to alarming security assessment - TV7 Israel News 09.06.20

    Today’s top stories 09.06.20; 1) Israel’s defense establishment has accelerated its preparations in recent weeks for a major escalation in security tensions across the West Bank, in response to declared aspirations by the political echelons in Jerusalem ‘to assert its sovereignty over the Jordan Valley and parts of the Biblical districts of Judea and Samaria.’…
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    Iranian-proxies bombed in Syria; Israel to persist battle vs Iran - TV7 Israel News 08.06.20

    Today’s top stories 08.06.20; 1) Unidentified aircraft conducted numerous bombardments of Iranian-proxy militias in Syria’s eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor. 2) The International Atomic Energy Agency circulated a confidential document over the weekend in which it complained about the Iran’s persistent refusal to permit the agency’s inspectors to enter a number of installations that may…
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    Israel targets Iranian missile factory in Syria; Libya war intensifies - TV7 Israel News 05.06.20

    Today’s top stories 05.06.20; 1) The Israeli Air Force reportedly targets Iranian-funded precision- guided missile factories in Syria. 2) Russia and the Islamic Republic of Iran have separately condemned the European Union over its decision to extend sanctions against the “Syrian regime and its supporters.” 3) A shift in the power balance in conflict-ridden Libya…
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    Tensions rise over Jerusalem’s Temple Mount amid talks of WB annexation - TV7 Israel News 04.06.20

    Today’s top stories 04.06.20; 1) Tensions are mounting within Israel’s right-wing bloc over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s declared decision to adopt the U.S. Administration’s regional peace initiative in its entirety. 2) A new poll reveals that Israelis are split down the middle over whether to assert Jerusalem’s sovereignty over the West Bank. 3) Growing tensions…
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    Israel warned over annexation plan; commits to U.S. timetable - TV7 Israel News 03.06.20

    Today’s top stories 03.06.20; 1) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu excoriates Israeli settler leaders for their public criticism of the Trump Administration’s peace initiative. 2) The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan reiterates its warning of detrimental consequences to bilateral relations with Israel if Jerusalem would opt to assert its sovereignty over significant parts of the West Bank.…
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    IDF to expedite preparations for Israeli West Bank annexation - TV7 Israel News 02.06.20

    Today’s top stories 02.06.20; 1) The Israeli security establishment has been instructed to accelerate its preparations for Jerusalem’s anticipate decision to assert its sovereignty over significant parts of the West Bank. 2) U.S. reportedly urges Israel to postpone large-scale annexation, in light of growing pressure from Gulf Arab states over prospects of regional unrest. 3)…
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    Israel negotiates with Saudi Arabia control over Jerusalem’s Temple Mount - TV7 Israel News 01.06.20

    Today’s top stories 01.06.20; 1) An apparent exponential rise of newly confirmed coronavirus cases throughout the state of Israel is consequently boosting prospects of a change in Jerusalem’s policy vis-à-vis its efforts to combat the spread of the contagion. 2) A report reveals that since December of 2019, secret meetings have been held between Israel…
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    IRGC trains thousands of Palestinians to fight IDF; Covid19 spike reported-TV7 Israel News 29.05.20

    Today’s top stories 29.05.20; 1) A concerning rise in the number of confirmed coronavirus carriers has been reported throughout Israel over the course of the past several days. 2) Secretary General of the Lebanese Iranian-proxy Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, claimed that Israel’s ongoing efforts to diminish Hezbollah’s power in Lebanon are “a total failure.” 3) The…
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    Israel vows to annex West Bank; Turkey deploys drones in Libya - TV7 Israel News 26.05.20

    Today’s top stories 26.05.20; 1) Despite international threats aimed at deterring Israel form asserting its sovereignty over parts of the West Bank; Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu vows not to miss the “historic opportunity.” 2) In light of Israel’s aspired annexation, a growing number of attempted terror attacks is reportedly plaguing the West Bank. 3) Libya’s…
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    Iran calls for Israel’s annihilation; Islamic Jihad for Jerusalem - TV7 Israel News 25.05.20

    Today’s top stories 25.05.20; 1) Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called on the Muslim world to united for the purpose of annihilating the Jewish State. 2) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu voices claims of a deep state conspiracy which has been relentlessly seeking to shift the power-balance within the Jewish State; as the Israeli…
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    U.S. warns mariners at Persian Gulf; PA to end signed deals with Israel - TV7 Israel News 20.05.20

    Today’s top stories 20.05.20; 1) Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas declared that the Palestinians are no longer bound by previously signed agreements with either Israel or the United States. 2) The Islamic Republic’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei vows to repel the United States from Iraq and Syria – while condemning Saudi Arabia and the…
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    Israel to force Iran out of Syria; vows to pursue peace with neighbors - TV7 Israel News 19.05.20

    Today’s top stories 19.05.20; 1) The Islamic Republic of Iran is seemingly reducing the scope of its forces in Syria, a withdrawal - the outgoing Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett exclaimed – needs to be completed with Israel’s help. 2) Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh warned that “the Palestinian issue might face “a hot summer”…
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    Israeli Government Sworn-in; Iranian militia bombed in Syria - TV7 Israel News 18.05.20

    Today’s top stories 18.05.20; 1) After 507 days of political limbo, Israel’s 35th government in Jerusalem has officially formed. 2) Unidentified aircraft reportedly struck an Iranian-proxy base in the rural Deir Ezzor governorate near the border with Iraq. 3) China’s ambassador to Israel Du Wei has been found dead in his official residence in Tel…
    May 18, 2020 147274 views
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    Iran & Hezbollah vow to remain in Syria despite Israeli attacks - TV7 Israel News 15.05.20

    Today’s top stories 15.05.20; 1) The Secretary General of the Lebanese Iranian-proxy Hezbollah confirmed Israel’s increased attacks on weapons-manufacturing sites in Syria; all the while denying Iran’s active operational involvement in the war-torn country. 2) Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards have reportedly stepped up efforts to transfer, by means of aerial shipments, numerous advanced precision-guided Fateh-110…
    May 15, 2020 99393 views
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    Islamist rams vehicle into IDF force; Israeli coalition formation postponed -TV7 Israel News 14.5.20

    Today’s top stories 14.05.20; 1)The swearing-in ceremony of the Israeli government has been delayed at a last minute, forcing an extension to Jerusalem’s 18 months of political deadlock. 2) U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo highlight’s Jerusalem’s freedom of action on the matter of annexation. 3) A Palestinian ramming-attack leaves one IDF soldier wounded near…
    May 14, 2020 64648 views
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    Pompeo & Netanyahu discuss Iran, China and West Bank annexation - TV7 Israel News 13.05.20

    Today’s top stories 13.05.20; 1) U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem this morning, during which they discussed a series of strategic issues – including efforts to curb Iran’s malign activities. 2) Russia’s Ambassador to the United Nations Vassily Nebenzia announced that Moscow will veto any attempts by Washington…
    May 13, 2020 44311 views
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    IDF soldier killed in WB operation; EU to discuss sanctioning IL - TV7 Israel News 12.05.20

    Today’s top stories 12.05.20; 1) An IDF combat soldier was killed today, during routine operational activity, in the West Bank village of Ya’bad - next to the Palestinian city of Jenin. 2) U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is scheduled to arrive in Israel tomorrow, to discuss bilateral cooperation and challenges pertaining to Iran’s malign…
    May 12, 2020 65571 views
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    Second COVID19 outbreak unlikely, Israeli Defense Minister says - TV7 Israel News 11.05.20

    Today’s top stories 11.05.20; 1) Israel alleviates additional restrictions as part of extensive efforts to revive the country’s economy. 2) Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett underlines that he does not expect another exponential surge of newly diagnosed coronavirus cases – but revealed that Jerusalem is preparing for the next winter, for fear of yet another…
    May 11, 2020 20991 views
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    Israel condemns EU for allegedly funding NGO’s supporting terror - TV7 Israel News 08.05.20

    Today’s top stories 08.05.20; 1) Israel reopens its public sphere after weeks of near-crippling restrictive measures. 2) Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu participates in a global leaders video conference, as part of a global effort to restart the economy. 3) Tensions are seemingly on the rise between the European Union and Israel over EU funding to…
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    Iran threatens U.S.; Israel Court rejects petitions vs Netanyahu - TV7 Israel News 07.05.20

    Today’s top stories 07.05.20; 1) The Israeli Supreme Court announces its decision to reject all petitions against Premier Benjamin Netanyahu and the coalition agreement; heralding the imminent formation of Jerusalem’s national emergency government. 2) U.S. President Donald Trump has vetoed a resolution that would have limited his ability to wage war against the Islamic Republic…
    May 07, 2020 92866 views
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    Iran partial retreat from Syria, Israel says; vows to keep striking IRGC - TV7 Israel News 06.05.20

    Today’s top stories 06.05.20; 1) After 40 days of relative quiet, Palestinian Islamists launch a rocket from the Gaza Strip toward Israel’s southern communities. 2) Defense Minister Naftali Bennett emphasizes Jerusalem’s resolve to force the Islamic Republic’s Revolutionary Guards out of the Israel’s northern neighbor, Syria; amid corroborated reports of an Iranian scale back. 3)…
    May 06, 2020 41248 views
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    Israel allegedly strikes Iran in Syria; Germany threatens Hezbollah - TV7 Israel News 05.05.20

    Today’s top stories 05.05.20; 1) Israel allegedly conducts two separate strikes against Iranian-backed forces in Syria. 2) The Secretary General of Iran’s Lebanese-proxy Hezbollah Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah condemned Germany for its decision to designate his militant group a “terror organization.” 3) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Israel’s gradual exit plan from the current restrictive…
    May 05, 2020 204136 views
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    Suprème Court deliberates Benjamin Netanyahu’s eligibility to govern - TV7Israel News 4.5.20

    Today’s top stories 04.05.20; 1) The corona contagion seemingly continues to spread across the Jewish State, amid efforts by Jerusalem to restart the country’s economy. 2) Israel reopened schools throughout the country, as part of a gradual attempt to restart the state’s education system and the economic sector. 3) An extended panel of 11 justices…
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    No legal grounds to prevent Netanyahu as Premier; Germany outlaws Hezbollah TV7 Israel News 30.04.20

    Today’s top stories 30.04.20; 1) Israel’s Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit informed the High Court of Justice in Jerusalem that while allowing Benjamin Netanyahu to form a government “raises difficulties”, there is no legal grounds to thwart him from serving as Prime Minister. 2) The German Interior Ministry issued a federal order designating Iran’s Lebanese-proxy Hezbollah…
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    Israel celebrates’ its 72nd independence; China aids Egypt combat COVID19 - TV7 Israel News 29.04.20

    Today’s top stories 29.04.20; 1) Israel celebrates its 72nd independence day, amid restrictive corona-related measures. 2) Egypt voices its deepest gratitude for China’s assistance in combating the spread of the corona contagion - signaling a warming of relations between Beijing and Cairo. 3) Libya’s eastern-based military leader Khalifa Haftar declares that his Libyan National Army…
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    Terror attack plagues Israel amid Day of Remembrance - TV7 Israel News 28.04.20

    Today’s top stories 28.04.20; 1) A terror attack in central Israel – at a time when the Jewish State commemorates its fallen soldiers and victims of terror - leaves a 62-year-old woman in moderate condition. 2) The Israeli government is seemingly making a conscious effort to restart the country’s economy, as it announces its latest…
    April 28, 2020 90917 views
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