"Israel's warmongering between the US and Iran" - TV7 Israel News 29.04.19

Today's top stories 29.04.19;
1) Israel released two Syrian prisoners yesterday afternoon, sending them back to Syria, in what Jerusalem officials said, was a “goodwill gesture” to Damascus following the return – less than a month ago - of the remains of late Israeli soldier Zachary Baumel, who went 'Missing In Action' during the 1982 First Lebanon War.
2) Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif insists that a group of foreign powers together with President Trump's National Security Adviser John Bolton, are actively aspiring to "lure" the United States into a military confrontation with the Islamic Republic of Iran.
3) With less than three days before the waivers for U.S. sanctions on Iran expire, Turkey is trying to convince Washington to allow its biggest oil importer, Tupras, to continue buying crude oil from the Islamic Republic.

  • Published: April 29, 2019
  • Duration: 10 min

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    Iran: U.S. will face consequences to economic war - TV7 Israel News 10.06.19

    Today's top stories 10.06.19; 1) U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman has reportedly stated that “Israel has the right to retain some, but unlikely all, of the West Bank.” 2) The United States has slapped another round of sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran, this time against its petrochemical industry. 3) The International Atomic…
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    IDF successfully concludes 'Operation Northern Shield' - TV7 Israel News 05.06.19

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    Hamas vows to destroy Israel - TV7 Israel News 04.06.19

    Today's top stories 04.06.19; 1) The Islamist Hamas organization insists that "the region -(referring to the Middle East)- will not enjoy calm as long as the enemy -(referring to Israel)- is on Palestinian land, and Gaza is besieged." 2) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claims that the latest domestic development, in which Israel is set to…
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    Israel conducts deadly retaliatory strikes against Syria - TV7 Israel News 03.06.19;

    Today's top stories 03.06.19; 1) Two rockets were fired over the weekend from Syria toward Israel, resulting in intensive retaliatory bombardments of multiple Syrian targets. 2) Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah declared that if the United States would attack the Islamic Republic of Iran, the entire region will go-up in flames – including Israel and…
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    Iran-Hamas cooperate in battling Israel - 31.5.19 TV7 Israel News

    Top stories;  1) Israel in headed to an unprecedented second round of national Parliamentary elections, that after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu failed to bridge the gaps between his ultra-orthodox and secular-right would-be coalition partners, before his Wednesday-midnight deadline.  2) A Palestinian terrorist stabbed two Israeli civilians in the Old City of Jerusalem early…
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    Abbas: U.S. peace plan ‘will go to hell’ - TV7 Israel News 29.05.19

    Today's top stories 29.05.19; 1) With the midnight deadline swiftly approaching, it increasingly appears that Jerusalem will not have a new government – an unprecedented scenario that will force Israel into another cycle of national parliamentary elections. 2) Palestinian Islamists have yet again launched dozens of incendiary kites and balloons from the Gaza Strip toward…
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    Israel conducts a deadly retaliatory bombardment in Syria - TV7 Israel News 28.05.19

    Today's top stories 28.05.19; 1) An Israeli fighter-jet destroyed a Syrian air-defense battery, killing at least one soldier while injuries another; that after a surface-to-air missile was fired from the Syrian-side of the Golan Heights toward a military aircraft that conducted "a routine flight in northern Israel." 2) The Israeli Air Force has reportedly conducted…
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    U.S. to deploy additional forces to confront Iran - TV7 Israel News 27.05.19

    Today's top stories 27.05.19; 1) Israel may find itself heading to another round of national parliamentary elections, after coalition negotiations appear to be deadlocked, with less than 36 hours to go until the legal deadline for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to present his new government to President Reuven Rivlin. 2) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu…
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    Record-high heatwave coupled fires across Israel - TV7 Israel News 24.05.19

    Today's top stories 24.05.19; 1) Israel is facing numerous wildfires in multiple locations across the country, amid a sweltering heatwave that brought about record temperatures to parts of the Jewish State – including 48 degrees Celsius – 114.8 degrees Fahrenheit, in the region of the Dead Sea. 2) U.S. President Donald Trump underscored that 'while…
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    Southern Israel on fire, amid barrage of incendiary balloons - TV7 Israel News 23.05.19

    Today's top stories 23.05.19; 1) Jerusalem announced its decision to immediate reduce the fishing-zone along the Mediterranean-coast of the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip to ten-nautical-miles, in wake of a barrage of incendiary balloon attacks that caused significant damage to agricultural fields and natural forests on the Israeli-side of the enclave's border-region. 2) The Israeli embassy marked…
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    Iran orders its proxies to 'prepare for war' - TV7 Israel News 22.05.19

    Today's top stories 22.05.19; 1) The United States has managed to deter a pending Iranian attack against American interests in the Middle East, that after confirmed reports revealed that the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards' elite 'Quds Force' – General Qassem Soleimani – ordered Iranian-proxies in Iraq to target American installations and servicemembers. 2)…
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    US to respond with force to any Iranian aggression - TV7 Israel News

    Today's top stories 21.05.19; 1) Iran declares that it has lost confidence in diplomatic efforts, and underscored its intension to shift from 'words to resistance.' 2) In response to the threats voiced by Iranian leaders, President Trump insisted that while there is "no indication" of Iranian intensions to immediately escalate the volatile situation, any form…
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    Israel conducts two airstrikes on Syrian targets - TV7 Israel News 20.05.19

    Today's top stories 20.05.19; 1) The Israeli air-force conducted two separate aerial-strikes on Syrian targets, over the weekend – against infrastructure reportedly used as "a stockpiling and transit point for Iranian missiles." 2) Saudi Arabia accuses Iran of seeking to de-stabilize the Middle East, after responsibility for last-week's sabotage-attack, on four oil-vessels at the UAE…
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    Iran determined to defeat "American-Zionist front" - TV7 Israel News 17.05.19

    Today's top stories 17.05.19; 1) The Islamic Republic of Iran vowed to defeat, what its top defense official termed "the American-Zionist front," as tensions between Washington and Tehran continue to mount. 2) Washington has ordered all of its non-emergency government workers to immediately leave Iran's Western neighbor, Iraq – for fear of an imminent escalation.…
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    Palestinians mark Israel’s Independence as a day of catastrophe - TV7 Israel News 16.05.19

    Today's top stories 16.05.19; 1) Thousands of Palestinians held mass-demonstrations along the Gaza Strip' border-barrier with Israel, during violent protests to mark the 71st anniversary of what Palestinians call the "Nakba", Arabic for catastrophe, which refers to their perception of the outcome of the 1948 Jewish-Arab war, following the creation of modern-day Israel, when thousands…
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    "Don’t underestimate the God of Israel" - TV7 Israel News 15.05.19

    Today's top stories 15.05.19; 1) Jerusalem's most sacred site, the ancient Temple Mount compound - where both biblical Temples once stood - will be closed to all non-Muslim visitors during this year's "Jerusalem Day" celebrations, which marks the city's reunification under sovereignty of the Jewish state. 2) The United States and Israel celebrated last night…
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    Iran to attack Israel if stand-off with U.S escalates - TV7 Israel News 14.05.19

    Today's top stories 14.05.19; 1) Israeli officials are voicing concerns about a possible military confrontation with "Iranian forces," should the stand-off between Tehran and Washington escalate into a wider-Middle East war. 2) U.S. President Donald Trump emphasized, during a white house meeting with visiting Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, that if Iran would act to…
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    Iran threatens to target USS Abraham Lincoln - TV7 Israel News 13.05.19

    Today's top stories 13.05.19; 1) In accordance with the Egyptian-brokered arrangement, Israel reopened its border-crossings with the Gaza Strip, expanded the permitted fishing-zone, off the Mediterranean coast of the enclave, and lifted some restrictions on imported goods – that despite violent riots that occurred on Friday along the Israeli-Gazan frontier. 2) EU Foreign Policy Chief…
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    Bible is our ‘present and future’ - TV7 Israel News 10.05.19

    Today's top stories 10.05.19; 1) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that Israel's unwavering love for the land, security and the Bible - the cornerstone of Israel's existence – have secured the state's past, present and future. 2) U.S. President Donald Trump insists that while he hopes to avoid a military confrontation with Iran, he cannot…
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    U.S. ‘won’t be held hostage by Iran’s nuclear blackmail’ - TV7 Israel News 09.05.19

    Today's top stories 09.05.19; 1) Israel celebrated its 71st Independence Day today, with festive celebrations, including a ceremony at the President's residence in Jerusalem, as well as hundreds of thousands of families across the country enjoying the Israeli tradition of gathering in national parks to barbeque. 2) Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif insisted that…
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    Israel threatens Iran amid JCPOA scale-back - TV7 Israel News 08.05.19

    Today's top stories 08.05.19; 1) Israel marked its Memorial Day, today, commemorating the memory of the country's 23,741 fallen soldiers and 3,150 civilian victims of terror, since the inception of the Jewish state, 71 years ago. 2) Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced this morning that the Islamic Republic will immediately cease its adherence to the…
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    U.S.: Iranian activities may lead to escalation - TV7 Israel News 07.05.19

    Today's top stories 07.05.19; 1) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warns that the current ceasefire with Gaza is merely a hiatus in cross-border attacks, and as such, the IDF continues to maintain a large military presence along the border with the Hamas controlled enclave, and is preparing for the next cycle of violence. 2) U.S. Secretary…
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    700 rockets fired from Gaza toward Israel - TV7 Israel News 06.05.19

    Today's top stories 06.05.19; 1) An Egyptian-brokered cessation of hostilities took effect this morning, after some 700 rockets and mortar shells were fired from the Gaza Strip toward Israel's southern communities over the weekend, in the deadliest recorded eruption of violence since the 2014 Gaza war. 2) Jerusalem's former National Security Adviser, General Ya'akov Amidror,…
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    Islamic Jihad vows to strike major Israeli cities - TV7 Israel News 03.05.19

    Today's top stories 03.05.19; 1) White House senior Adviser Jared Kushner has warned that the decades-old Israeli-Palestinian conflict is getting more and more unsustainable – yet noted that the so-called "deal of the century" would provide a solid political starting point for a viable solution. 2) The Gaza based, Iranian-Palestinian-proxy, Islamic Jihad, vowed to "strike…
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    Israeli communities under rocket-fire - TV7 Israel News 02.05.19

    Today's top stories 02.05.19; 1) Palestinian Islamists launched two rockets early this morning from the Gaza Strip toward Israel's southern communities – that after the Israeli Air Force targeted a series of Hamas terror installations in the northern part of the Palestinian enclave. 2) Israel marked today its annual Holocaust Memorial, in remembrance of the…
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    Gazan Islamists launch a rocket toward Israel - TV7 Israel News 30.04.19

    Today's top stories 30.04.19; 1) After several weeks of relative quiet, Palestinian Islamists have launched a rocket, late last-night, from the northern Gaza Strip toward Israel's southern communities. 2) Under Secretary General for Political and Peacebuilding affairs Rosemary DiCarlo warned that “hopes for the realization of a two-state solution continue to be replaced by the…
    April 30, 2019 38350 views
  • 10 min

    "Israel's warmongering between the US and Iran" - TV7 Israel News 29.04.19

    Today's top stories 29.04.19; 1) Israel released two Syrian prisoners yesterday afternoon, sending them back to Syria, in what Jerusalem officials said, was a “goodwill gesture” to Damascus following the return – less than a month ago - of the remains of late Israeli soldier Zachary Baumel, who went 'Missing In Action' during the 1982…
    April 29, 2019 28441 views
  • 10 min

    Lebanon vows to target Israel's airport if attacked - TV7 Israel News 26.04.19

    Today's top stories 26.04.19; 1) Lebanon has warned Israel to avoid any military adventure against it, and threatened to conduct retaliatory bombardments if Jerusalem would target strategic Lebanese installations. 2) The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon, UNIFIL, announced that following an independent technical investigation, a third tunnel that was uncovered by Israel's Defense Forces…
    April 26, 2019 68051 views
  • 10 min

    Iran threatens 'oil-embargo will lead to war' - TV7 Israel News 25.04.19

    Today's top stories 25.04.19; 1) Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has warned the United States not to prevent the Islamic republic's oil shipments from safely transiting through the Strait of Hormuz, or else "it should be prepared (to face) the consequences." 2) Saudi Arabia has vowed to keep the balance of the global oil…
    April 25, 2019 72903 views
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    Israel to honor Trump over Golan recognition - TV7 Israel News 24.04.19

    Today's top stories 24.04.19; 1) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that Israel will name a new community on the Golan Heights after U.S. President Donald Trump as an expression of gratitude for the American leader's signed proclamation, in which he recognized Jerusalem's sovereignty over the strategic plateau. 2) Israel's leadership maintains an open position about…
    April 24, 2019 13897 views
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    U.S. decision on Iran raises prospects of conflict - TV7 Israel News 23.04.19

    Today's top stories 23..04.19; 1) The United States has announced its decision to end all waivers vis-à-vis oil purchases from Iran, as part of its "maximum pressure" campaign that seek to "deprive the (Ayatollah) regime of the funds it has used to destabilize the Middle East. 2) The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has once again…
    April 23, 2019 23923 views
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    Rouhani: Israel and U.S. are the root of regional problems - TV7 Israel News 18.04.19

    Today's top stories 18.04.19; 1) Israeli President Reuven Rivlin formally designated incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to 'try to form Jerusalem's next government coalition.' 2) White House senior adviser Jared Kushner urged a group of ambassadors to keep an "open mind" vis-à-vis the anticipated Middle East peace initiative, dubbed by President Donald Trump as "the…
    April 18, 2019 17130 views
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    U.S. listed IRGC as terror organization - TV7 Israel News 17.04.19

    Today's top stories 17.04.19; 1) Less than a day after a U.S. decision to designate Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terror organization has officially taken effect, the Iranian Parliament approved a countermeasure to the American move by adopting a bill that labels the United States Military in the Middle East as a terrorist…
    April 17, 2019 19838 views
  • 10 min

    Gazan’s launch incendiary balloons despite ceasefire - TV7 Israel News 16.04.19

    Today's top stories 16.04.19; 1) An official Israeli delegation was forced to cancel its scheduled participation at a conference in the Kingdom of Bahrain, after a Shi'ite terror group threatened to bomb the hotel where they may have planned on staying. 2) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has secured the 61 seats necessary to receive the…
    April 16, 2019 16374 views
  • 10 min

    Israel strikes Iranian targets in Syria - TV7 Israel News 15.04.19

    Today's top stories 15.04.19; 1) Israeli fighter-jets targeted a Syrian military installation early Saturday morning, causing extensive damage to a number of hangars and buildings, that according to an intelligence source "were used by 'Iranian elements' for the purpose of manufacturing medium-range missiles." 2) U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo insisted that Prime Minister Benjamin…
    April 15, 2019 51917 views
  • 10 min

    Israel's "Beresheet" spacecraft fails final maneuver - TV7 Israel News 12.04.19

    Today's top stories 12.04.19; 1) Israel's Central Elections Committee announced the final results of the April 9th Parliamentary Elections – providing Incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party with an additional mandate. 2) A Palestinian non-governmental organization publishes a survey revealing deep mistrust and resentment among Palestinians toward their own leaders. 3) The journey of…
    April 12, 2019 11053 views
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    Netanyahu's rivals vow to make his life 'a living hell' - TV7 Israel News 11.04.19

    Today's top stories 11.04.19; 1) Blue and White party Chairmen Benny Gantz and Yair Lapid announced that they will accept the democratic process, after results indicated a clear victory for Netanyahu's right-wing and religious bloc. Nevertheless, they refused to accept defeat and vowed to use the Knesset as a battle ground for the purpose of…
    April 11, 2019 14607 views
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