West Bank terror shooting leaves a baby in severe condition

Sha’are Tzedek Medical Center in Jerusalem said this morning that the condition of the baby that was delivered prematurely after his mother was wounded in a drive-by terror shooting near the West Bank junction of Ofra, remains very severe, while the condition of his parents is improving. According to the hospital, the mother, who was severely wounded, gained consciousness and is communicating with her surroundings.

The terror attack, which was reported on TV7 yesterday, occurred on Sunday evening, when a group of Israelis participated in a Hanukkah candle-lighting ceremony, in memory of a victim of a car-accident near the Ofra junction. In CCTV footage, which was obtained by TV7, a white vehicle was seen slowing down near the bus-stop, when a suspected Palestinian terrorist opened fire toward the group of Israelis, wounding six of them, including the pregnant-mother who sustained severe injuries – forcing medical teams to conduct an urgent caesarean-section surgery. While the surgery was successful, the Sha’are Tzedek medical center revealed that the condition of the baby continues to deteriorate.