PM Netanyahu praises newly appointed US secretary of state Pompeo

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised the appointment of Mike Pompeo. In a statement Netanyahu’s office released, the Prime Minister said, “During my meetings with Pompeo I was very impressed with his abilities and experience. I believe that in his role as Secretary of State we will also work very well together.” The positive response … Read more

Israel’s government settles a dispute that had threatened its coalition’s survival

Israel’s government settled a dispute that had threatened its survival. The cabinet dispute was over the framing of a bill that would extend a long-standing military service exemption for ultra-Orthodox Jewish seminary students. For days, coalition parties had been unable to agree on the draft law. But about an hour before the scheduled preliminary vote … Read more

PM Netanyahu urges feuding coalition partners to remain in his government

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed Israel’s parliament, the Knesset, and repeatedly urged his feuding coalition partners to remain in his government – emphasizing that there was still time to settle their differences. The cabinet dispute centers on a long-standing division in Israeli society between the majority of Israelis who serve in the country’s military and … Read more

PM Netanyahu warns of regional implications of Iran nuclear deal

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned of the regional implications of the 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran, in which countries in the Middle East have asserted their legitimate right to enrich uranium. During his weekly cabinet meeting, Netanyahu reiterated Jerusalem’s position in which the only way to prevent the nuclearization of the Middle East, is … Read more

PM Netanyahu: Regional powers seek to enrich uranium

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu returned to Israel today from his five-day trip to the United States. At his last stop in New York city ahead of his departure, the Israeli leader visited the United Nations headquarters, where an exhibit that presents 3,000 years of Jewish contiguity in Jerusalem. “This exhibit would not have been possible … Read more

PM Netanyahu calls to fix nuclear deal with Iran

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu concluded his five-days visit to the United States, where the Israeli leader has once again championed calls to limit the threats emanating from the Islamic Republic of Iran. During his trip, Netanyahu time and again called on the international community to amend the nuclear agreement that sought to limit Tehran’s nuclear … Read more

PM Netanyahu urges President Trump to ‘fix or nix’ the Iranian nuclear deal

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed to reporters in Washington, following his meeting with President Donald Trump, that he urged the American leader to amend the nuclear agreement with the Islamic Republic of Iran, or nix it all together. The Israeli leader noted that his conversation with the President had focused primarily on the challenges Israel … Read more

“Israel will not allow Iran’s regime to put a noose of terror around our neck”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that Jerusalem would not allow the Islamic Republic of Iran to put – what he defined as “a noose of terror” around Israel’s neck, and will act without hesitation to defend itself. In an address to a panel of the annual Munich Security Conference, the Netanyahu emphasized that Israel would … Read more

Israel police recommends to indict PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Following a long investigation into two separate cases of bribery, fraud and breach of trust, the Israel police made its recommendation to the state’s attorney-general last night to indict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In its official statement, the police alleged that it had “sufficient evidence against the Prime Minister on suspicions for the offense of … Read more