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The stand-off between Washington and Tehran continues to intensify. The Islamic Republic announced that it has shot down an American military drone, which according to the regime’s Revolutionary Guards – the IRGC – ‘the unmanned aerial vehicle was targeted when it infiltrated Iran’s southern Hormozgan province during a reconnaissance mission.’ According to the IRGC Commander … Read more
The Israeli Air Force concluded a vast military exercise last night, designed to simulate an all-out war in multiple theaters of operation. In the course of the exercise, which began on Sunday, the Air Force tested its readiness for war, including against “state actors that maintain technologies much more advanced than what is usually dealt … Read more
Turning to Vienna, where the International Atomic Energy Agency unexpectedly recognized the Palestinian territories as a state yesterday, when the Director General of the nuclear watchdog organization Yukiya Amano signed an agreement with the Palestinian Ambassador to Austria, Salah Abdul Shafi. The document formalized the membership of “Palestine” at the international body, and permits IAEA … Read more
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made mention of a summit, that will be held in Jerusalem, between the national security advisers of the United States, Russia and Israel. In an address at a state ceremony, the Israeli leader referred to the summit as a “very important” meeting which aims to ensure stability in the Middle East … Read more
The Islamic Republic of Iran may launch an attack against Israel in the near future, as part of a broader escalation with the United States. This according to Israeli and Western intelligence officials, in their informed assessment of the looming danger of a military conflagration between Iran and Israel comes in light of ‘growing disappointment … Read more
By Prof. Hillel Frisch, Expert on Palestinian and Islamic politics, institutions and military strategies; Israeli Arabs; Islamic fundamentalism in the Middle East; Palestinian-Jordanian relations; and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Jordan.  EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: If the Iranians have their way and are able to control the level of the flames, they will make sure that tensions … Read more

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