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All recent regional earthquakes “minor”

There have been 28 earthquakes in Israel or its immediate vicinity since 1 September.

All of the incidents can be categorized as either “micro” at 2.0 or less in magnitude (M2.0) or “minor,” ranging between M2.0 and M4.0. They occurred within the geological area bounded by 27.0°N to 36.0°N and 32.0° E to 38.0° E.

According to the Israel Seismic Network operated by the Seismology Division of The Geological Survey of Israel (GSI), the latest earthquake was in the East Mediterranean Sea, when an M2.5 with a depth of 40 kilometers struck on 16 October. Altogether there were 7 earthquakes in the East Med, 4 of which hit offshore the island nation of Cyprus, ranging M3.1 and M2.1 in intensity. The Cypriot mainland was rocked by 2 earthquakes, the strongest of which was a 3.2 on 5 September.

The strongest earthquake in the area under study was an M3.6 in the Red Sea off the shores of Saudi Arabi on 10 October. There was another M2.5 quake nearby on 20 October, and an M2.7 on 13 October in the Red Sea equidistant from Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

The largest number of earthquakes were recorded in Israel, which had 9 since the beginning of September. 3 were in the Arava region, the strongest of which was an M2.3 on 27 September. There were 2 in the Carmel-Tirza region, an M2.2 on 4 October and an M2.7 on 15 September. There were also 2 in East Samaria region in September, with an M2.3 on the 2nd followed by an M2.1 on the 23rd. In addition, there was an M2.1 in the Hula Valley-Galilee on 3 September, an M2.2 offshore the resort city of Eilat on the 6th and an M2.5 on the 8th in the Dead Sea Basin that separates Israel from Jordan.

The Hashemite Kingdom also had an M2.2 earthquake in the Wadi Sirhan sector along the border with Saudi Arabia on 8 October. That same day there was an M2.0 in Lebanon’s Roum region, which experienced an M2.2 earthquake on 1 September.

Syria experienced just one earthquake during the time frame, of M2.1 just over a week ago on 13 October.

There were no reported injuries or significant damage in any of the regional seismic activity.