Amnesty International accuses Israel of imposing a siege over Gaza

The Amnesty International organization has once again accused Israel of imposing a siege on the Gaza Strip and on its two million residents and said that the collective punishment that Jerusalem was imposing was causing a humanitarian crisis – while refraining from mentioning terror related activities by the Islamist Hamas, which controls the Palestinian enclave, for the reason behind the Israeli blockade. The organization’s annual report on the state of human rights in the world stated that this past year Israel continued to expand the settlements, which it defined as illegal, and severely restricted Palestinian freedom of movement. It said that Israel had destroyed more than 400 Palestinian homes and left 600 people without a roof over their heads. Amnesty also accused Israel of killing some 76 Palestinians without trial, including children – yet did not provide additional information regarding the circumstances behind each incident, or whether the death came as a result of recurring attacks by Palestinian assailants attempting to harm Israelis. That said, the report did mention that 14 Israelis had been killed this past year in stabbing and vehicular ramming incidents. Amnesty International also accused Israel of imposing restrictions on human rights activists and excessive use of force against violent Palestinian protests on the Temple Mount.