Behind the scenes at TV7 Israel News

Welcome to the first edition of TV7 Weekly Update, a new initiative which aims to keep our viewers, supporters and partners worldwide updated on the day-in-day-out workings of our ministry so that you may more effectively pray for us.

This week we worked on our usual programs including Jerusalem Studio along with a twice-a-month production of Editors Note, which included a discussion of the ongoing plans of TV7 to produce new, ground-breaking content in order to keep our viewers informed about the prayer needs of Israel and the broader Middle East region.

Included in this effort are continuing preparations for a new program with the working title “Powers in Play” which will focus on the geostrategic interplay between great powers on the world stage. In this show, our team of experts will offer their thoughts and analysis on how these events will shape the near and long term future of our planet and specifically what it will all mean for Israel.

Also this week we continued to lift up in prayer the local Body of Christ, specifically a longtime friend of ours named John Theodore who is an elder in one of the largest congregations in the city of Jerusalem and who is currently recovering from a very severe COVID-19 infection. He is one of several members of the Body of Christ in Israel who have suffered from this terrible virus and we ask that you join us in lifting up our brothers and sisters in the Lord, for their continued health and protection and for the Lord to strengthen them as they seek to serve His kingdom here in Jerusalem.

In addition, please join us in praying for the upcoming production schedule, both our well established programs as well as our new shows, as well as for the health and safety of our staff here in Jerusalem along with our families.

– By Aaron Hecht